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    Claire and Caroline in the same family?

    We have a daughter named Claire and are expecting a baby girl in December. We love the name Caroline but fear it may be too close in 'sound' to Claire. Opinion: Are we worrying/analyzing too much or just go for it? Thanks in advance!

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    I think you're worrying too much. You may be setting yourself up for a C theme though. I think the names are very different though despite sharing a C. I think it's fine. Both classic and pretty names.
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    Unless there's some shared origin between Claire and Caroline that I'm not thinking of right now, I think Claire and Caroline make lovely sisters. But like neuilly said, you might be setting yourself up for a C theme.

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    Caroline is a gorgeous name! It also works great with the name Claire. The only thing these two names share is the first letter. However, as neuilly pointed out, it may look like you are starting a C theme with your children's names. If you are okay with that then I say go for it!

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    I think Claire and Caroline go great together. The first sound is different 'Cl' and 'Car' are totally different first syllable sounds, and different ending sounds: 'air' sound ending w/ Claire and 'en' or 'ine' for Caroline depending on how you pronounce it. (I am assuming u will pronounce it 'Care-o-line' as the 'en' sounding would be w/ Carolyn? In any case they are very different except for the C beginning. Both are classic C names but Claire has only one syllable, much more compact and I think a bit more frilly than the three syllable Caroline. Both are gorgeous
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