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    My name is Lacey Fallon.
    I work as a secretary and waitress.

    Mr. and Mrs. DAVIS are a couple in their early forties from*Easton, Massachusetts. The wife's name is MARIELLE and she's an intelligent, hardworking businesswoman who's put her career ahead of anything else and is now ready to settle down. The husband's name is LEO and he's a lawyer with his own firm in*Boston. They're grateful to you for doing such an unselfish thing for them by being the womb for their baby.*
    What do they look like? COUPLE #4

    The embryo is successfully implanted into your uterus and a month later you inform the doctors and the biological parents that you are pregnant. You receive all sorts of medical expenses, but the next nine months are tough with pregnancy, even with the support of your doctors and the biological parents holding your hand through it all. Your friends, family, and co-workers aren't sure of what to think when they find out you're pregnant...and that the baby isn't actually your own. Finally, you deliver a healthy baby to its glowing parents.*
    What is the baby's name & gender? (BOY) JASON ANDREW

    The couple you are a surrogate mother for is a gay couple, two men from*Boston. The first is a 35-year-old social worker named DONOVAN and his partner is a 36-year-old interior designer named LEON, who was chosen to be the biological father for the baby. A nurse told you that the men selected you specifically to be the mother of their child because they thought you were pretty. You're not sure if you're flattered, but you're happy to help these men, who are very friendly and flamboyant.*
    What does the couple look like? COUPLE #4

    This time, you're prepared for what's coming. You think it's going to be easier this time around...until DONOVAN asks you if you would like to be a part of the child's life, since technically you are the mother. By now, you are 24 years old and have gotten a stable job as a AUTHOR. You've always been so career-oriented that you've never given much thought to husband or children. It takes a lot of thought, and the feeling of the baby's first kick, for you to decide that you want the child to know you are his/her mother, but you will allow the fathers to raise him/her. A week after you announce this to the fathers, you have the baby.*
    What is the baby's name & gender? (GIRL) OLIVIA ERIN

    Two years later have passed. You haven't been a surrogate mother since you had your biological child with the gay men, whom monthly send you pictures and videos of the little one. You're glad that you're child is happy and healthy with good parents. As for yourself, you're still living in*Boston*and have your own condo, and you've fully established your career as a AUTHOR. You don't think you'd ever go back into surrogacy unless you absolutely had to...until you meet a man at the clinic while at a doctor's appointment.*

    The man's name is DON BUELLER and he is a 39-year-old FLORIST from Amherst, Massachusetts. He's a childless widower, whose wife died of cancer last year at the age of 37. Before she died, she had a full hysterectomy and her eggs frozen at the fertility clinic so that her husband could still have a child. Your heart bleeds for him when you overhear his story from the nurses and learn that the man has decided on surrogacy. Before the doctors even ask, you volunteer to be the surrogate mother.*

    You meet DON BUELLER shortly before your impregnation. You can't help but notice how attractive he is; tall and slim with black hair and sad-looking dark blue eyes but a sweet smile. He thanks you for doing this for him. You assure him that it's no trouble at all. The fertilization is a success and two weeks later, you find out you're pregnant.*
    How*do you tell the biological father you're pregnant? ULTRASOUND GREETING CARD
    What does he look like? MAN #1

    You and DON BUELLER become friends as the months go on. He's excited to become a dad and you accidentally tell him that you have your own child, whom is being raised by his/her biological father and his partner. Being with this new man is what influences you to decide to be more active in your child's life and OLIVIA ERIN is starting to finally know you as his/her mother. You even get in touch with the first couple you were a surrogate for and ask how their child, JASON ANDREW, is doing. You're starting to wonder if you should give motherhood a second thought when you have your third baby and second non-biological child.*
    What is the baby's name & gender? (GIRL) HONOR GRACE

    You keep in touch with your first child, JASON ANDREW, who is now four years old and grow closer to your second non-biological child, HONOR GRACE, and his/her father, DON. SIX months after the baby is born, you begin dating him.

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