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    Elowen? (and more)


    Lately I've been crushing on the girls name Elowen (ell-oh-wyn). It's not listed on NB but I found a definition from Behind The Name saying it was derived from "elm tree".

    What do you think of it? Would it be way too complicated in Canada? Of course I won't be having children for at least 10 years, but I just like to get ideas and opinions.

    Also, what do you think of these names? Could you see any working with Elowen?


    Any mn suggestions for Elowen? I was thinking Elowen Grace as Grace is a family name, but I'm not sold on it.



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    I like Elowen a lot. It was talked about quite a bit on another baby name I frequent a few years ago, and I think it's sweet. I especially love it for the nns Ella, Lola, and Winnie. I think Elowen Grace is pretty. I also thought of Elowen Kate and Elowen Julia?

    I really like Juniper, Romilly, Violet, Annabel, and Freya, too, and I think they're very sweet with Elowen! Lilou is nice and I do like it--I just like other Lil- names more, like Liliana, Lillian, Lily, Lilija, Lila, etc.

    Good luck!
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    I don't see why Elowen would be too complicated for Canada? It's pretty phonetic...
    I happen to love this name, and I think it fits in well with the trendy Eleanor, Ella style names while still being unusual and distinctive. The only problem for me is that when I mention it to people, they assume I got it out of the Lord of the Rings (like Eowyn I guess) but that probably wouldn't matter so much if you don't have nerdy friends. I think it goes with most of your other names, although Elowen and Lilou are a bit hard to say together.

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    I think it's quite pretty. It's Welsh and it's not actually said with the emphasis you're thinking of. I would try and get a sound clip of someone welsh saying it. I actually know someone who used this for her daughter nn Winnie. I think it's really pretty. You definitely have a certain style and the names you listed would make a nice sibset - although Lilou really just feels like a nn to me.
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    I got a clip of someone pr. it. I stand corrected - Uh-loh-wyn. Do you think it would be okay if I used the pr. Ell-oh-wyn?

    Thanks everyone so far!

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