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    Adelina - its ok. I'd like it if the nn is Adele!
    Adelyn - much better to Adelina. like this one.
    Alaina - pretty.
    Alanna - I like Alaina better than this one.
    Anna - classic. maybe offset its simplicity with a more unique middle name.
    Ashlyn - trendy. never really liked this one.
    Aubree/Aubrey - Aubrey is classier. i really like this one
    Carina - love, so pretty
    Carrie-Lynn/Kellie-Lynn - cheesy.
    Cheyenne - i actually don't think its bad at all. I think it'd make a really good middle name.
    Chloe - love this. but you're right, its popular. i personally don't mind a more common name paired with a more unique something. Like what I said for Anna.
    Isabella - same goes for this one (Anna and Chloe). pretty. i mean, theres a reason these names are so popular!
    Marilyn - I personally, think it sounds old. not in a fashionable way.
    Melody - cute. maybe as a middle name.
    Mia - i think of this as more of a nickname. But people do use it as a given name. its ok.
    Nala - love the Lion King. but probably wouldn't use this.
    Reese - love. so sophisticated.
    Sage - love this one too!
    Seraphina/Sarafina - i've always found this name a bit stuffy. Seraphina is better than the alternative spelling
    Zoe/Zoey - Zoe over Zoey. cute.

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    encore - They pronounce it ash-ah. (Think Asher, but ending with an 'a' sound.) I think it can be spelled Aisha, as well. I prefer it without the 'i', though.

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