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    Here are my thoughts on the names:
    Adelyn -like above name better
    Alaina - nice
    Alanna - i can see issues with spelling this
    Anna (too popular?) - classic
    Ashlyn -not feminine to me
    Aubree/Aubrey -cute/nice
    Carina -ok
    Carrie-Lynn (or Kellie-Lynn?) not my style sounds like it is from the 1970's
    Cheyenne (a lot of people seem to not like this name but I think it's cute...) -it's okay
    Chloe (too popular?) -i like it. popularity does not bother me though
    Isabella (again, popularity) ok, i take back my statement above. this is out of control. unless it is your favorite focus on a different name. Too many people think they are different with Isobel, Sabella, Anna-Bella, Bella that it is more popular than SSA shows. (I also live in California with a large Hispanic and Italian population. I noticed another post said they do not run into as many and she is from Canada).
    Marilyn (is that a bad idea with Marilyn Monroe?) -not my style
    Melody - not my style. if you are into music (play the flute or father is in a band) and have a reason for this name then i could see the appeal.
    Mia - nice solid name
    Nala (Lion King association) - is this Haley Berry's daughter's name.
    Reese - I like this a lot, but you have even better names
    Sage - not my style
    Seraphina/Sarafina so pretty. Very girly and a good fix for Isabella
    Zoe/Zoey -spunky
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    I have nothing against double-barreled names, but Carrie-Lynn is so close to the single name Carolyn that I don't see the appeal.

    Zoe seems to go over well with everyone.
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    @baileyanne, you bring up some good points, thanks!

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    Adelina - not sure if this is pronounced 'add-uh-lee-na' or 'add-uh-line-ah' at first glance?; If 'add-uh-lee-na' I like this
    Adelyn - like Adelina better
    Alaina - like this; I know quite a few Alaina's however
    Alanna - prefer Alaina
    Anna (too popular?) - Anna is a classic elegant name however too popular for my taste, however would use as middle name
    Ashlyn - this is ok, but kind of seems like a trendier version of Ashley and is quite popular around me
    Aubree/Aubrey - also quite popular around this area, but I do love the name; love Audrey and Aubrey
    Carina - I prefer Corinne, but I like Carina as well
    Carrie-Lynn (or Kellie-Lynn?) - I like Carrie-Lynn ok, sort of dated but I dont think that matters if you love it, dont like Kellie-Lynn
    Cheyenne (a lot of people seem to not like this name but I think it's cute...) - I LOVE Cheyenne, I agree it's very cute, although I too have run into many people who say they do not like it - seems like a polarizing name for some reason
    Chloe (too popular?) - I like the compact cute sound of Chloe, however, I do think this is too popular at least for my taste and if u r concerend w/ that would stay away from it
    Isabella (again, popularity) - (same as above w/ the popularity!) although it is a lovely name and if it's your favorite, i wouldnt let that get in your way
    Marilyn (is that a bad idea with Marilyn Monroe?) - I dont necessarily think it'd be a bad idea w/ Marilyn Monroe, however, I prefer other versions of Mary/Meri and there are others u may want to consider if u are concerned with that, b/c I am sure some would associate it with that..maybe even just change the spelling - Merilyn perhaps?
    Melody - not a big fan personally, but it does have a nice sound to it, and is not that popular at all - a nice three syllable choice
    Mia - quite popular, like the compact-ness to this, still feminine and nice
    Nala (Lion King association) - I actually really like this choice, although I do think there will always be the Lion King association. I also like the Nahla spelling
    Reese - really like this, can be boy or girl name
    Sage - nice, different, unique, nice sound to it; I have even considered Cayenne (another spice name!)
    Seraphina/Sarafina - this one is growing on me, at first I didnt see the appeal when I first heard it months ago but I think it is quite nice now, love the elegant feminine flow of it
    Zoe/Zoey - the z sound in this sounds harsh to me, doesnt flow wel in speech to me (just imo)
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    Alaina (although I prefer Elaina), Mia, Sage, and Seraphina are my favorites.

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