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    Narrowing down my top 20, what are your thoughts?

    Anna (too popular?)
    Carrie-Lynn (or Kellie-Lynn?)
    Cheyenne (a lot of people seem to not like this name but I think it's cute...)
    Chloe (too popular?)
    Isabella (again, popularity)
    Marilyn (is that a bad idea with Marilyn Monroe?)
    Nala (Lion King association)

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    I like Anna, Chloe, Melody, Mia, Reese, Sage and Zoey.

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    My votes go to Adelyn, Ashlyn, Aubrey, Zoe and Sage. They are beautiful names for a little girl and an adult. I'm a kindergarten teacher and there are a bunch of Chloe's, Isabella's and Mia's! The children become known as their first and last name or last initial. eg Where
    is Mia C? or Mia Cross it's your turn... not just from teachers, but from chn too

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    Adelina - I prefer Adeline.
    Adelyn - Again, I like Adeline better. This variation seems a bit synthetic.
    Alaina - Very pretty, but I prefer the spelling Elaina. I love the nickname Lainey!
    Alanna - A gorgeous name. I also like the spelling Alana.
    Anna - Although this name may be popular, I think it is beautiful and it is one of my favorites.
    Ashlyn - Not a big fan. I think it's kind of awkward to say.
    Aubree/Aubrey - I don't really like this name. I guess I just like Audrey better.
    Carina - A beautiful, underused choice. Perfect!
    Carrie-Lynn (or Kellie-Lynn) - Carrie-Lynn to me just sounds like Carolyn. And I feel like Kellie-Lynn has too much of the "L" sound.
    Cheyenne - Cute, but I don't love it.
    Chloe - A lovely name, but if you're worried about popularity then I wouldn't use it.
    Isabella - Again beautiful, but since it's the number one name I'm afraid it's way too popular.
    Marilyn - My grandma's name...but that doesn't mean I like it.
    Melody - So pretty! I also adore Harmony.
    Mia - I love this name. It's short but strong and sweet.
    Nala - I didn't even know there was a Lion King association. I don't really like this name, but it could work.
    Reese - Has always been a boy name to me since the only Reese I've ever known is a boy.
    Sage - Love this! Especially in the middle, but great as a first, too.
    Seraphina/Sarafina - I like Seraphina, but the spelling Sarafina makes me cringe.
    Zoe/Zoey - I love this name spelled Zoey, but not as Zoe, maybe because when I was little I thought it rhymed with Joe (Zoh).

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    My faves are Anna, Aubrey, Melody, Sage, Zoe! I also like Adelina and Adelyn but much prefer Adeline or Adelaide.

    Chloe is my name, but honestly, I meet sooo many little Chloes! Ditto Mia. Surprisingly, haven't met that many Isabellas. I'm in CAN.

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