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    Rosalie - Rosa, Lee, Ally
    Geneva - Gen, Genna, Genny, Eva, Neva
    Emmeline - Emme, Mel, Melly, Lina, Emmy
    Coraline/Coralie - Cora, Lina, Lee
    Madeleine - Maddy, Lainie
    Mirabel - Mira, Belle, Bella
    Hannelore - Lori, Hanna
    Lisette - Lise
    Gillian - Gill (Jill)
    Elodie - Ellie, Ella
    Gwendolen - Gwen
    Vivienne - Viv, Vivi, Vienne/a
    Aveline - I know it's the same first letter but Annora and Aveline is so precious IMO Avi, Lina
    Cecilia - Sissy, Lia
    Elizabetta - Ellie, Lizzie, Betta/y, Lize, Lisbet
    Seraphina - Sera, Phina
    Ginevra - Ginny
    Genevieve - Genny, Gen, Genna, Ginny, Evi, Eva, Vie, Vive, Eve
    Evangeline - Evi, Angie, Angel, Lina, Eva, Eve
    Delphine - Dela, Ellie,
    Isaline - Isa, Lina
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    I think Elspeth sounds very lispy and fragile, on the other hand I think Eliza has lots of pizzazz and energy.

    I think Juliet is just a beautiful name and she deserves a first name spot or if you want something more unusual at least the middle name spot.

    Helena Laurel
    Letitia Juliet
    Lavinia Juliet nn Vin
    Lucinda Juliet nn Lucy
    Eliana Nanette
    Eliza Belle
    Amelia Hope
    Cordelia Juno
    Calista Juliet
    Rosemarie Fern
    Freya Elise

    Psalm 23

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    Just jumping into to say that I love Rosalba and have had it on my list for quite a while. Annora (Annie) and Rosalba (Rosie/Rosy or Sally) both provide familiar nicknames with uncommon given names. Love it!

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