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Thread: Nora vs. Nola

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    Nora vs. Nola

    Hi everyone,

    My husband and I are having difficulty deciding between Nora and Nola. He favors Nola, as it was his grandmother's name and he was very close to her. He feels pretty strongly that she should have a family name of some kind because she is the oldest. I have always loved the name Nora and I think that it's similar enough to honor his grandmother but slightly different so that our daughter can have her own unique name within the family. Her middle name will probably be Melaine after my mother. Both names sound good with our last name. I like Nola, but my major concerns is that it sounds somewhat prim and dainty to me and judging by DH and I, our daughter has little chance of being either. NOLA is also a nickname for New Orleans, but that's not as big of a deal to me. Please let me know which one you like!


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    I like Nola. But probably because I really like family names. Also Nola Melaine is very pretty.

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    I like both, but they have a very different feel; Nora seems straightforward and strong while Nola is more sensual and feminine.

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    They are both nice, I prefer Norah though.

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    Maybe b/c I am not familiar w/ Nola, when I hear or see it it almost seems incomplete to me, like it should be 'Nolan' or something! But again, I haven't seen that name before so that's likely why. With that said, I really DO like Nola a LOT! I think it is very unique, and definitely feminine. Nora is lovely as well. I have known several Nora's and never heard of Nola, so I am thinking Nora is more popular. I do think it's on the rise too, if that makes a difference to u. So, I'd say if u want a less popular, more unique name maybe go with Nola. I agree with an above poster who said that Nora seems 'strong' while Nola seems more 'feminine.' I agree with that statement completely, and think maybe that could help u decide based on which 'feel' you are going for. I like both names, but if I had to choose one, I would pick Nora
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