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    West Midlands, UK
    W: Kenzie Marie. D: Gregory Lake. Kids: 1) Blake Easton and Carrie Miranda. 2) No conception. 3) Matilda Beatrice. 4) Elijah Isaac and Sebastian Luke and Tobias Henry. 5) Alice Elisabeth. 6) Devon Phoenix and Scout Dakota. 7) Juniper Ash. 8) Arrow Marshall. 9) Cecilia Rue and Cato Vick. 10) Raleigh August. ~~~ Kenzie and Greg with: Blake and Carrie, Matti, Elijah and Seb and Tobias, Ali, Devon and Scout, Juno, Arrow, Ceci and Cato, and Leigh.
    Britberry * Trainee Teacher
    Octavia ~ James-Joseph~ Sapphire~ Clark

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    DH: Vincent Parker
    DW: Hayden Elise

    1. If you have brown hair you have B/G twins First and Middle names come from:
    DS/DD: Blake Easton / Miranda Paisley

    2. If you have hazel eyes you don't have a pregnancy this time.

    3. If you wear contacts you have B/G twims, Boys first and middle names come from Girls names come from:
    DS/DD: Talon Maddox / Sadie Cleo

    4. If you are wearing socks you have G/G/G triplets, first and middle names come from:
    DD/DD/DD: Felicity Claire / Tessa Grace / Hope Olivia

    5. If you are female you have a girl, first and middle names come from:
    DD: Charlotte Eloise "Charlie"

    6. If your favorite color is red, blue, or yellow you have B/B twins, first and middle names come from:
    DS/DS: Parker Reed / Josiah Francis "Joe"

    7. If your birthday is in January, February, March, or April you have a boy first and middle names come from:
    DS: Hunter Carver

    8. If you don't have on nail polish you have a boy first and middle names come from:
    DS: Flint Garrison

    9. If your name starts with "G-L" you have a girl, first and middle names come from:
    DD: Adelaide Elizabeth "Addie"

    10. If you don't have on a watch you have a girl, first and middle names come from:
    DD: Raleigh Sawyer

    Vincent & Hayden: Blake, Miranda, Talon, Sadie, Felicity, Tessa, Hope, Charlie, Parker, Joe, Hunter, Flint, Addie & Raleigh.
    Jack Aaron | Alex Thomas | Cole August | Riley James
    Easton Hayes | Noah Shepherd | Davis Matthew | Sawyer William
    Zane | Beckett | Spencer | Kaiser | Tate

    Brynn Maeve | Emma Lauren | Ellie Margot | Mackenzie Caroline
    Madelyn Charlotte | Zoe Amelia | Kenzie Linnea | Sadie Kate
    Payton | Riley | Lainey | Molly | Ruthie

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    Your Name: Sarah Jane
    DH’s Name: Ethan Daniel
    B/G Twins: Landon Wyatt & Faith Paisley
    B/B Twins: Joseph Daniel & Matthew Levi
    Girl: Clara Adelaide
    B/B/G/G Quads: Jude Samuel & Owen Caleb & Ella-Mae Charlotte & Lucy Juliet
    Girl: Emma Josephine
    B/B Twins: Carter Reed & Graydon Parker
    Girl: Olive Acacia
    Boy: Garrison Jet
    B/G Twins: Jonah Caspar & Phoebe Charity
    Girl: Elliot James
    Nineteen year-old name-lover, dreaming of someday being a mommy <3

    Alaric, Atticus, Benjamin, Declan, Dexter, Finn, Garrett, Jack, Jude, Luke, Lysander, Oakley, Oliver, Patrick, Ryder, Ryker, Sawyer, Sebastian, Wylder "Wylie"

    Alice, Annabelle, Ardyn, Chloe, Claire, Clara, Eleanor "Ellie", Elizabeth, Ella, Emily, Emma, Evangeline "Evie", Everleigh, Felicity, Genevieve, Josephine "Josie", Mabel, Olivia, Paisley, Reagan, Stella

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