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    10 Kids Name Quiz

    There are so many naming quizzes like this, it won't hurt to add one more. If your preferred option isn't represented, settle for a second, third, fourth choice. Here it goes.


    FN- The simplest question; which of the following is your favorite color?
    Black: Nathaniel
    Green: Jacob
    Red: Elijah
    Blue: Judas
    Pink: Toby
    Purple: Ricky

    MN- How would you describe your current martial status?
    Single: Dustin
    Dating: Micah
    Married: Wesley
    Divorced: Ryan
    Widowed: Fabian
    Other: Vincent


    FN- Which is your favorite music genre?
    Metal: Jacqueline
    Rock: Ashley
    Pop: Chloe
    Country: Erica
    Rap: Danielle
    Classical: Wendy

    MN- Which is your preferred dessert?
    Ice Cream: Brandy
    Chocolate Dish: Sasha
    Cake: Michelle
    Pie: Rebecca
    Candy: Quinn
    Other Pastry: Thalia


    FN- What color shirt are you currently wearing?
    Black/Gray: Logan
    Red/Blue: Andrew
    Green/Yellow: Kyle
    Pink/Purple: Brendan
    Orange/Other: Alec
    You're Shirtless: Brent

    MN- How many siblings do you have?
    0: Wyatt
    1-2: Troye
    3-4: Justin
    5-6: Jesse
    7-8: Heath
    9+: Spencer


    FN- How would you describe your naming style for girls?
    Modern: Abigail
    Classic: Eleanor
    Trendy: Ava
    Themed: Chastity
    Unique: Phaedra
    Old-Fashioned: Millicent

    MN- Which does your first name start with?
    A-E: Deirdre
    F-I: Kelly
    J-N: Savannah
    O-R: Dominique
    S-W: Chelsea
    X-Z: Reese


    FN- Which letter does your middle name start with?
    A-E: Abel
    F-I: Beau
    J-N: Noah
    O-R: Jude
    S-W: Sean
    X-Z: Zane

    MN- How would you describe your naming style for boys?
    Modern: Justin
    Classic: Richard
    Trendy: Mason
    Themed: Valor
    Unique: Tobin
    Old-Fashioned: Phillip


    FN- How many children do you want/have?
    None: Jordan
    1-2: Felecia
    3-4: Cheyenne
    5-6: Kayla
    7-8: Lizeth
    9+: Cassidy

    MN- Which is your favorite holiday?
    Halloween: Octavia
    Christmas: December
    Valentine's Day: Vanessa
    Thanksgiving: Tamsin
    New Years: Jada
    Fourth of July: Corinne


    FN- What device are you accessing this website on?
    Laptop: Derek
    Desktop: Sawyer
    Smart Phone: Ethan
    Tablet: Dominic
    iPod/iPad: Jeremy
    Other: Terrance

    MN- Which month were you born in?
    January/February: Hunter
    March/April: Garrett
    May/June: Joshua
    July/August: Lucas
    September/October: Gavin
    November/December: Isaiah


    FN- Which is your favorite movie genre?
    Comedy: Jenna
    Romance: Sloane
    Action: Taryn
    Sci-Fi: Vivienne
    Horror: Nicola
    Drama: Marissa

    MN- Which genre was the last book you finished?
    Romance: Amber
    Action: Demetria
    Sci-Fi: Janelle
    Horror: Annabelle
    Drama: Lucy
    Non-Fiction: Morgan


    FN- Which of the following is your top priority?
    Money: Caden
    Career: Connor
    Family: Corey
    Love: Carter
    Happiness: Chase
    Fame: Clayton

    MN- Which social media network do you use the most?
    Tumblr: David
    Instagram: Kevin
    Facebook: Mark
    Twitter: Evan
    MySpace: Thomas
    I Don't Use Any Social Media: Jackson


    FN- Which is your favorite Disney princess?
    Snow White/Cinderella: Cindy
    Aurora/Ariel: Arielle
    Belle/Rapunzel: Isabella
    Jasmine/Pocahontas: Jessica
    Merida/Tiana: Meredith
    I Don't Like Any Disney Princesses: Vianey

    MN- Which best describes the walls of the room that you are currently in?
    White: Ivory
    Whiteish: Ivori
    Any Pastel Color: Violet
    A Printed Wallpaper: Adelina
    A Solid Color that Isn't Pastel: Jade
    Other: Erin
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    DS1: Nathaniel Micah
    DD1: Jacqueline Brandy
    DS2: Logan Troye
    DD2: Abigail Dominique
    DS3: Beau Mason
    DD3: Cheyenne Octavia
    DS4: Derek Hunter
    DD4: Jenna Morgan
    DS5: Carter David
    DD5: Jessica Ivori
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    to know one's self is to unlock all the secrets of the universe
    ❂ Capricorn ❂ Female ❂ Bisexual ❂ Pierced & Tattooed ❂ Stoned ❂ Hippie ❂

    not expecting, just love names

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