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    Middle Name for Audrey...

    I'm baaaackkk!!
    lol.. i haven't posted in this forum for a looongg time!! but my little sister is having a baby and asked me to help her come up with some girl names.. just to give you all an idea of her taste.. the boy name she has picked is Stryder Alexander...

    For a girl, she wanted to honor her favorite actress of all time, Audrey Hepburn... so she chose Audrey as the first name.. but we're having some difficulty picking out a middle name. I think that she should honor our late grandfather, Raymond Curtis, somehow.. but we're trying to figure out how to work that.. here are a few of the names we've discussed::

    Audrey Rae (i love it, she's iffy..)
    Audrey Rain (we also like the spelling Rahne for kind of a gaelic flair)
    Audrey Mae
    Audrey June
    Audrey Jane

    but she kind of feels that most of these are too plain... she wants something unique that will stand out like the boy name she picked.. but when you have something as classic as Audrey picked for the first name it gets kind of difficult.. any suggestions you can offer would be very helpful.. thank you much!!

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    Is the middle name limited to one syllable?

    If not:

    Audrey Monet
    Audrey Elani
    Audrey Thaya
    Audrey Jael
    Audrey Sage
    Audrey Rhea (or Raya if you want it to sound more like Raymond)
    Audrey Malia
    Audrey Bardot
    Audrey Ceridwen

    Hope that helps!
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    More names we like for Audrey... What do you think?
    Audrey Roxanne
    Audrey Blair
    Audrey Grace (but cant use this one as our other sister named her child grace)
    Audrey Leigh
    Audrey Cristin (our mom is Cristal)
    Audrey Anora (sis is weird about double a names though)
    Audrey Adele (another double a)

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    With a lovely classic like Audrey, I think she can go for a fun, unconventional middle or something classic...

    Audrey Blue
    Audrey Skye
    Audrey Kate
    Audrey Caroline
    Audrey Pearl
    Audrey Scarlett
    Audrey Violet
    Audrey Hazel
    Audrey Josephine
    Audrey Wren
    Audrey Lark
    Audrey Winter
    Audrey Maeve
    Audrey Juno
    Audrey Fable

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    What if she spelled it Audray instead? Audray Estelle? I kind of like Audrey Bardot mentioned above

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