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    I love Alessia, and was going to suggest it haha. But I will throw out my own name: Giulia.
    Some other suggestions:

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    Cair Paravel :)
    I love Alessia! It's one of my favorite Italian names. It reminds me of Alice, which I also love.

    Liliana was my first idea when I clicked on your thread, and now that I know your daughter's names, I love it with them. Alessia, Francesca, and Liliana would be really beautiful together!

    I also love the suggestions of Giovanna, Luciana, Giulia, and Viviana. I think they're beautiful.

    As for other suggestions, what about Maddalena (not sure how it's supposed to be spelled, but I think it's beautiful! Said like mad-uh-LAY-nah I think; Magdalena is also pretty, but I think that might be Spanish?), Valentina, Elisabetta, Alba, Bianca, Gemma, Giada, Gioia, Kara, Mirabella, Natalia, Ottavia, Renata (love!), and Vittoria?

    Good luck!
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    I just thought I'd post this blog link to you, just for fun

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    I **love** Giuliana! It fits perfectly! Lucia is also a love of mine, and while it's not popular, it's not exactly uncommon with the popularity of Lucy (although I assume you'd pronounce it loo-chee-a). Still, I love Giuliana! Liliana, while lovely, will blend in with all the little Lily's.
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