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    Unisex names...narrowing down the list!

    Expecting girl #3 in the winter and trying to come up with a unisex name to match our other two daughters, Addison and Baylie. There isn't any name that totally pops out at us at this point, but hoping to at least narrow it down to 2-3 names by the time baby arrives!
    Here's the list:

    Jesse Elle
    Callyn Elle
    Devyn Elle
    Harper Anniston
    Harper Elle
    Charlie Anniston
    Charlie Elle
    Parker Elle
    Marley Elle
    Peyton Elle
    Dylan Elle
    Cassidy Anniston
    Jensen Elle
    Delaney Elle

    I worry about some of the names being too popular/trendy, but considering our other two daughter's names, we don't want to go way too unique either. Elle is my husbands pick for the mn, mine is Anniston (which doesn't go with all of our choices, but I'm OK with that).
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    Dylan would be my first choice although I dont love it with mn Elle. What about the first name Elliot. You could then nickname her Elle (or Ellie).

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    I think Parker and Harper go best with Addison and Baylie. And Harper Elle sounds better than Parker Elle, so my vote goes to Harper Elle.

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    Jesse Elle and Charlie Anniston are my favorites from your list!

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    I like Harper Elle and Charlie Anniston.

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