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    First names to go with middle name Christian

    I am having my 3rd boy in a few weeks, and I'm having a lot of trouble with the name. My husband wants to use his name, Christian, but I don't want to call the baby that, so we have decided on that as the middle name. My husband isn't a fan of people going by their middle name, so Christian will have to be in the middle. The problem is that it sounds better with most names as a first name. Just wondering some opinions. Our other sons are Evan Charles and Logan Paul. Here is the list we have come up with, some each of us like better than others, and some our kids like and some they hate! We have asked their opinion in this. I am not dying in love over any of the names, and I usually can't decide until after I have a baby anyway. I am open to suggestions also - I'm just having a really tough time!

    Reid (Not my top pick - I'm okay with it. Husband loves. Kids don't love).
    Bennett (Might not go with our last name which is a two syllable last name starting with "Bay" sound. This is my daughter's favorite - husband doesn't want it to turn into Ben).
    Luke (Like this one, but I worry it's too popular)
    Emmett (Emily is a family name for many generations, and since this is a male form of that, it might be nice to use)
    Tate (Family name)
    Grant (Kids don't like this one, I'm lukewarm, husband loves)
    James (Like this name, but I have some negative associations with people with this name. Husband and kids love it)
    Henry (I'm pretty much the only one who likes this one!)
    Blake (Sort of family name but worry about it with our last name beginning with "Bay" sound)
    Sullivan (Husband doesn't like this at all, but I do!)

    Some others we had on the list but have been crossed off:

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    I love Christian! It is hard to pair, though.

    Henry Christian is definitely my favorite. Henry's on my top five, and I've considered Henry Christian, to honor my uncle (Christopher). I think Henry Christian is awesome!

    My second choice would be Gray Christian. I lovelovelove the nn Gray (Grayson, nn Gray, is on my top 10), although if your last name starts with the Bay sound, I'm not sure how well this would work. Gray Bay is pretty bad. Gray Bailey isn't quite as bad, but it's still not great. :/

    My only idea was Zane. Probably because Zane Christian has been on my list in the past, lol. Although I'm not sure about Zane Bay--. Zane Bailey sounds pretty cool to me, though, so it could work.

    Good luck!
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    Most of your names are on mine and the DF's as well.
    Love, love, love:
    Reid Christian
    Bennett Christian &
    Emmett Christian (Emmett is our #1 boy choice.)

    Luke is too popular, imo. I also think it's a little dated.

    Tate & Grant are both really handsome (and on my personal list) but I don't love the flow.

    James & Henry are both pretty popular. James is pretty timeless, but Henry is turning into a very generation specific name. Everyone has Henry on their list. I like both names, and their flow with Christian is consistent.

    Gray Christian sounds like a term for a Backsliding Baptist, lol. I don't hear a 'name', I hear a phrase.

    Blake Christian is okay, but Blake is very 90's.

    Sullivan Christian is very handsome. But, if the husband doesn't like it...... I will say that Sully is a precious nickname!

    My only other advice would be to think hard before using a strong biblical name. (Luke & James) You don't want it seeming like you're trying to create a disciple, lol.

    Emmett Christian gets my vote!
    Good luck!!

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    Reid - I like it, don't love it.
    Bennett - I like it, I actually like the nn Ben. But if your husband is against it, then it's probably not a good idea.
    Luke - I actually feel like Luke/Lucas is not really that popular anymore. It's more of the early 2000's version of today's Logan.
    Emmett - I can't stand this name purely because of Twilight. But if you love it, go for it,
    Tate - I really don't like this.
    Grant - One of the better one-syllable names, but not my favorite.
    James - I love this name, but mostly because I'm a huge Harry Potter nut.
    Henry - Beautiful vintage name, I love it. But same way, DH vetoed it.
    Gray - I'm not a fan of this name or the -son attribute that seems to be so popular. I use to love it from a book, but people have killed it for me.
    Blake - I have a negative connotation with my name so I'm going to keep my mouth shut
    Sullivan - I like this name, but it seems to be getting a bit trendy.

    How about:
    Ryder Christian
    Dexter Christian
    Paul Christian
    Josiah Christian
    Silas Christian
    Isaiah Christian
    Taylor Christian
    Gabriel Christian
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