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    Book Title Initial Game

    I saw a similar game in the forums but can't find it, so here's my spin on it. Each person lists the title of a book. Then the next person takes each letter from that book title and uses it as the first letter of the first name, and the middle and last names are up to you. The first two letters are the parents 1st names, all the following letters alternate daughters and sons. Then they provide the next book title.

    book title: TWILIGHT

    DH: Thomas Andersen Danvers
    DW: Willa Samantha Danvers
    DD: Ilona Serena Danvers
    DS: Leon Alex Danvers
    DD: Irene Sarah Danvers
    DS: Gerald Amos Danvers
    DD: Harriet Simone Danvers
    DS: Thomas Andersen Danvers Jr.

    Next book title: Gone with the Wind
    and so on.

    Okay, now for real.

    Little Women

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    Book title: Little Women

    DH: Lennon James Souza
    DW: Isabel Marie Souza
    DS: Theron Pierce Souza
    DD: Trinity Liliana Souza
    DS: Lucien Alexander Souza
    DD: Evangeline Joy Souza
    DS: William Constantine Souza
    DD: Odessa Blaire Souza
    DS: Maddox Shane Souza
    DD: Emmaline Rose Souza
    DS: Noah Fabian Souza


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    DH: Tierney Cole McCarron
    DW: Harper Cate McCarron
    DS: Elliott Isaiah McCarron
    DD: Seraphina Hazel McCarron
    DS: Uriah Emmett McCarron
    DD: Madeleine Elizabeth McCarron
    DS: Milo Pierce McCarron
    DD: Ophelia Annabel McCarron
    DS: Noah Reid McCarron
    DD: Isla Catherine McCarron
    DS: Nash Parker McCarron
    DD: Georgiana Isobel McCarron

    "A Tale of Two Cities"

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