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    Middle Name for Jace

    DH and myself are struggling with middle names to go with Jace (rhymes with Chase). If our baby is a girl, we plan on naming her Elise Elinor. DH absolutely loves the first name Jace; however, boy middle names have been a sticking point. DH has already vetoed Elliot, Samuel, Michael, and Matthew. He said he wanted a stronger, more masculine middle name. His picks are Julian and Hayden which I don't particularly like nor think are masculine sounding. Last name would be similar to Rogers so "A" names could be problematic as the initials would be JAR which makes me think of the marines.

    Any suggestions?

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    Jace Hudson
    Jace Kingston
    Jace Wesley
    Jace Maddox
    Jace Parker
    Jace Liam
    Jace Paxton
    Just some ideas :-)
    I think a 2 syllable middle name is necessary with Jace.

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    Such different styles Elise Elinor and Jace ____. But my vote is Jace Alexander! Even with JAR. Second would be Jace Weston.
    Alec James, Silas Gale, Dashiell West, Elliot Grey, and Miles Alexander.

    Looking forward to the day we give our boys a little sister.

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