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  • Noelle

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  • Noele

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  • Nowell

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  • Noeelle

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  • Nowelle

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    help me pick spelling!!!! :)

    What spelling of 'Noelle' do you prefer? Noel, Noelle, Noele, Nowell? I have seen 'Nowell' and didnt like this initially, but several people have told me they thought this makes it unique and was a good choice. I dont know! would appreciate any input
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    Noelle!! Noel would be a boy's name and the rest, I'm sorry, are awful. Please spell it Noelle. I love the name, by the way!
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    Noelle! That's the best option. The rest are.... well, to be frank *shudder*. Nowell doesn't seem like a name, it's wierd to pronnounce, and I just don't like it! Same goes with Noeelle. Too many e's. Too many to really work in a name. So, Noelle.

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    while Nowelle is not the worst thing i've seen, Noelle is the clear winner! its kind of popular (on name blogs at least) these days but i do not think you need to make it more unique. like, i do not think its going to blow up in popularity.
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    Noel is actually my favorite spelling of this name but since it's the masculine spelling, it's probably not appropriate for a girl. Besides that though I have to agree with all the other posters, go with Noelle. It's a very pretty name and the other spellings/variations really take away from its simple beauty :]

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