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    Long Multi-Gen CAF (Initials/Banks/Rules)

    LN: Abernathy / Drescher / Griggs / Jones / Murphy / Patterson / Suez / Verbenke / Young
    (Bram Ephraim Harlan Kenneth Nicolas Quimby Travis Wyatt / Conrad Fletcher Ike Lowell Orson Russell Urias Xavier)
    (Initials: AB Maiden Name: Z)

    (FN & MN from

    (Choose Fluttery, Fairy First Names and Staunch, Elizabethan middles)

    (Choose an FN with an ‘-ia’ sound in it and MN that ends in ‘n’)


    DS56 from above
    DW55 &
    (FN: Coralie Freesia Imogene Laurelyn Ophelia Remy Uma Ximena
    MN: Donna Gwen Josephine Maura Pamela Sharon Vanna Yasmin
    Maiden: Elroy Hart King Newman Quincy Travers Worrick Zimmern)

    DD30 (Initials KV)
    DD27 (Choose FN & MN from

    DD30 from above &
    DH37 (Choose an artsy FN and an athletic MN. Choose a Strong, Earthy LN)

    DS7 (Choose a FN & MN that start & end with the same letter)
    (FNs: Avery Casey Elliot Grey Isley Kelly North Payton Rowan Tatum
    MNs: Blake Dylan Finley Hayden Jude Mischa Oakley Quinn Shay Wyatt)

    DD27 from above &
    DW30 (Initials – VCD)
    ADD2 (Choose FN & MN from
    DD53a from above &
    DH59 ( Choose an Astute, Timeless FN & a more edgy, wild MN. Use a commonly known LN)

    DS25 (Use a FN with a lot of vowels (3+) and a MN that’s 1 syllable or 4 syllables.)
    (FN: Annabeth Bella Caylin Dessa Elinor Fatima Gabrie Honora Isla
    MN: Jovie Kiarra Leigh Monroe Naya Olive Piper Quinnlynne Raven)

    ADS17 (Initials PD)

    DS25 from above &
    DW (Choose FN & MN from
    Choose Maiden Name that Starts with C, R, or W)

    DDNB (Choose a colorful, bold FN & a MN that honors Mom’s MN)

    DD53b from above &
    DBF40 (Choose a FN with a double-consonant and a MN that ends in ‘h’. Start LN with E, I, or O)

    (FN: Sienna Thea Uvalie Valery Wren Xasha Yva Zadie
    Arwen Blair Calista Destiny Esme Faith Glorie Hyacinth)

    --DD53b same from above &
    EX-DH (Initials NNT)

    DS30 (Choose FN & MN from
    DD26 (Choose a Musical FN and a Nature-loving MN)

    DS30 from above &
    DW24 (Choose a FN that ends in ‘l’ or ‘m’ and a 3 syllable MN with a ‘v’ in it. Use a 1-syl LN)
    (FN: Ivo Jasper Kessler Levi Moore
    MN: Nolan Oxford Piers Quaid Reid Sven)

    DD26 from above &
    DBF26 (Initials TDB)
    DD1 ( Choose FN & MN from

    DS49 from above &
    DW45 (Choose a classically 70s FN and a grandmotherly-sounding MN. Use a Street-name LN)

    DD/DD/DD20 (Give the girls the same 1st & middle initials. End FNs in –y and Start MN with a Vowel)

    (FN: Zeke Yardley Xander Dax Ellis Farley Tyson Stone Rogue Jack Kai Lee Nixon
    MN: Axel Bryce Callum War Vinson Ulysses Griffin Hawke Isaac Quay Preston Oliver Milo

    DGF18 (Initials BAF)
    DSexp (Choose FN & MN to-be from
    TTC #1

    Ladies: Ivy Eloise / Avianna (Avi) Lavender / Olive Glory / Oakley Frost / Tatum Hazel / Zadie Brave / Aria Luxe / Winter Willow

    Gents: Jude Eisley / Broderick (Brock) Huxley / Auden Moseley / Bauer Hawthorne / Callister Gene / Bowen Castiel / Finnian (Finn) Joseph / Bronson Navarro

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    Bram Fletcher Griggs & Anette Bronwen Griggs (Zorrick)
    had 4 children
    Cormac Woodrow
    Twins Arabella Agnes & Araminta Avis
    Shia Corbin

    Bram & Nettie with Cormac, Bella, Minnie, and Shia
    Cormac Woodrow Griggs & Laurelyn Vanna Travers
    had two children named Kimberly Vanna and Scarlett Margo

    Kimberly Vanna Griggs & Matisse Manning Canyon
    have three children – A son named Austin Arvin and twins named Casey Dylan & Tatum Quinn

    Scarlett Margo Griggs married Victoria Claire Davenport
    they adopted a daughter, now 2, named Eliza Lavinia Davenport-Griggs
    Cormac & Lo with Kim & Scarlett Griggs
    Kim & Mat with Austin, Casey, & Tate Canyon
    Scarlett & Tori with Eliza Davenport-Griggs
    Arabella Agnes Griggs married Charleston Wilder Truman
    they have three kids. A son named Aurelio Cole and a daughter named Dessa Raven, and an adopted son named Penn Daley.

    Aurelio Cole married Ebba Antonia Caccione
    they have a newborn daughter named Viveca Antoinette

    Bella & Charlie with Lio, Dessa, and Penn
    Lio & Ebba with Vivi
    Araminta Avis Griggs is in a relationship with Maddox Jonah Iverson
    The two have a 14 year old daughter named Uvalie Esme Iverson

    From her previous marriage to Noah Nicolai Turner
    Araminta also has a son named Denver Colt Turner and a daughter named Joplin Sage Turner

    Denver Colt and his wife Sybil Devereaux
    They have a 2 year old son named Kessler Piers Turner

    Joplin Sage Turner is in a relationship with Trevin Dallas Butler
    They have a 1 year old daughter named Willa Ruth

    Minnie & Mad with Uva
    Minnie & Noah with Denny and Joplin
    Denny & Sybil with Kessler
    Joplin & Trevin with Willa
    Shia Corbin Griggs is married to Melanie Iris
    They have 20 year old triplet girls named Ebony Anna, Everly Asia, and Emery Aria
    They also have an 18 year old son named Ellis Axel

    Ellis & his girlfriend Brenley Amberlin Fike
    are expecting a son to be named Brennan Rhett Fike

    Shia & Mel with Ebony, Everly, Emery and Ellis
    Ellis & Bren with Brennan
    TTC #1

    Ladies: Ivy Eloise / Avianna (Avi) Lavender / Olive Glory / Oakley Frost / Tatum Hazel / Zadie Brave / Aria Luxe / Winter Willow

    Gents: Jude Eisley / Broderick (Brock) Huxley / Auden Moseley / Bauer Hawthorne / Callister Gene / Bowen Castiel / Finnian (Finn) Joseph / Bronson Navarro

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    Ohio USA
    DGF (79): Nicolas Fletcher Young
    DGM (77: Arabella Blanche (Zimmerman) Young

    DS (56): Cruz Elliot Young
    DD/DD (53): Nerida Elizabeth Young/Rosina Katherine Young
    DS (49): Liam Nelson Young
    DH (56): Cruz Elliot Young
    DW (55): Ophelia Josephine (Travers) Young

    DD (30): Katarina Violette Young
    DD (27): Bethany Noelle Young
    DW (30): Katarina Violette (Young) Arbor
    DH (37): Stellan Rigby Arbor

    DS (7): David Trent Arbor
    DD/DS (4): Payton Quinn Arbor/Rowan Shay Arbor
    DW (27): Bethany Noelle Young
    DW (30): Viola Christine Daniels
    ADD (2): Miriam Fabienne Young-Daniels
    DW (53):Nerida Elizabeth (Young) Johnson
    DH (59): Phillip Andreas Johnson

    DS (25): Christopher Lee Johnson
    DD (23): Elinor Piper Johnson
    ADS (17): Peter Donovan Johnson
    DS (25): Christopher Lee Johnson
    DW (23): Petronilla Narcissa (Williams) Johnson

    DD (NB): Saffron Nergis Johnson
    DW (53): Rosina Katherine (Young) Isaacs
    EX-DH (55): Nathaniel Nolan Turner
    DBF (40): William Jonah Isaacs

    DS (30): Rhett Weston Turner
    DD (26): Sonata Lark Turner
    DD (14): Sienna Arwen Isaacs
    DH (30): Rhett Weston Turner
    DW (24): Coral Genevra (Lane) Turner
    DS (2): Levi Quaid Turner
    DD (26): Sonata Lark Turner
    DBF (26): Tobias Dante Braverman
    DD (1): Remington Allegra Braverman
    DH (49): Liam Nelson Young
    DW (45): Jessica Mamie (Adams) Young

    DD/DD/DD (20): Ainsley Easton Young/Aldercy Elektra Young/Amary Elsbeth Young
    DS (18): Ellis Hawke Young
    DGF (18): Briony Alice Ferguson
    DS (exp): Raleigh Crispin Young

    Favorite names:
    Arabella Primrose,Charlotte Madeline,
    Atticus Fletcher, Tobias Jackson

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    DGF [79] Wyatt Nicolas Abernathy
    DGM [77] Alice Bridget Zimmerman
    DS [56] Elliot Hugo Abernathy
    DD/DD [53] Cosette Victoria Abernathy/Violet Katherine Abernathy
    DS [49] Tobias Nathan Abernathy


    DS [56] Elliot
    DW [55] Imogene Pamela Hart
    DD [30] Katherine Victoria Abernathy 'Kate'
    DD [27] Margo Charlotte Abernathy

    DD [30] Kate
    DH [37] Milo Beckham Forrest
    DS [7] Nathan Roger Forrest 'Nate'
    DD/DS [4] Grey Oakley Forrest/Elliot Avery Forrest

    DD [27] Margo
    DW [30] Violet Caroline Davies
    DD [2] Rose Georgiana Davies-Abernathy


    DD [53] Cosette
    DH [59] John Maddox Winters
    DS [25] Oliver Jude Winters
    DD [23] Elinor Piper Winters
    DS [15] Porter Daniel Winters

    DS [25] Oliver
    DW [25] Antonia Erica Carlton
    DD [nb] Ruby Antonia Winters


    DD [53] Violet
    DXH [53] Noah Nigel Tanner
    DS [30] Weston Archer Tanner 'Wes'
    DD [26] Aria Saffron Tanner
    DBF [40] Bennett Ash Owens
    DD [14] Sienna Blair Owens

    DS [30] Wes
    DW [24] Annabel Violet Sage
    DS [2] Jasper Piers Tanner-Sage

    DD [26] Aria
    DBF [26] Theodore David Beckett 'Ted'
    DD [1] Eloise Ruby Beckett


    DS [49] Tobias
    DW [45] Jennifer Edith Broadway
    DD/DD/DD [20] Margo Alice Abernathy/Maisy Anna Abernathy/Molly Abigail Abernathy
    DS [18] Ellis Oliver Abernathy

    DS [18] Ellis
    DGF [18] Bridget Alicia French
    DS [exp.] Tucker James French-Abernathy 'Tuck'

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    LN: Griggs

    DGF (79): Ephraim Lowell
    DGM (77): Annabelle Beth (MN: Zane)

    DS (56): Jude Elliott
    DD/DD (53): Abigail Mariella & Amelie Winifred
    DS (49): Liam Owen


    DS (56): Jude Elliott
    DW (55): Imogene Maura (MN: Newman)

    DD (30): Kiera Violet
    DD (27): Arden Charlotte


    DD (30): Kiera Violet
    DH (37): Theo Nolan (LN: Harlan)

    DD/DS (4): Tatum Quinn & Casey Wyatt


    DD (27): Arden Charlotte
    DW (30): Vienna Catherine Dahlia

    ADD (2): Eliza Josephine


    DD (53): Abigail Mariella
    DH (59): Thomas Brandt (LN: Matthews)

    DS (25): Keaton Rhys
    DD (23): Isla Piper
    ADS (17): Parker Daniel


    DS (25): Keaton Rhys
    DW (25): Michaela Augusta (MN: Wyatt)

    DD (nb): Sienna August


    DD (53): Amelie Winifred
    DBF (40): Garrett Jonah (LN: Everett)

    DD (14): Wren Calista

    Ex-DH: Nathaniel Noah Thompson

    DS (30): Weston Archer
    DD (26): Cadence Meadow


    DS (30): Weston Archer
    DW (24): Laurel Olivia (MN: Brooks)

    DS (2): Jasper Reid


    DD (26): Cadence Meadow
    DBF (26): Theo Daniel Bridger

    DD (1): Lilia Colette


    DS (49): Liam Owen
    DW (45): Jennifer Millicent (LN: Elm)

    DD/DD/DD (20): Landry Eloise, Lilly Emmeline, & Lucy Eleanor
    DS (18): Kai Griffin


    DS (18): Kai Griffin
    DGF (18): Brynn Autumn Finley

    DS (exp): Grayson Wyatt

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