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    Twin advice needed

    I am expecting and we've decided not to find out the gender of our twins. We are looking for some names that are different without being too eccentric. We have our middle name choices and they are Jacob, James, Michael and Tyler (I know they are all traditionally boy names but we have many brothers between us so if we do have girl(s) they will be lucky enough to have a unique middle name)
    Here are our first name choices-
    Paxton (my husbands favourite)

    Isolde (Izzy)

    I was hoping you could help us narrow down our choices or even suggest sets or new names we haven't thought of. To be honest we are open to suggestions as this seems to be the one part of our up-coming parenthood we can't seem to get our heads around.

    Thank You!!

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    From your boys list I love Roan and Vaughn, and I think hey'd be great together for twin boys. I also like Sawyer (only for a boy though). From your girls list I really love Polly and Isolde. Polly and Isolde would be so cute for twin girls! I like Hadley. If I had to pick b/g sets from your lists I would say either Isolde and Roan, Isolde and Vaughn, Hadley and Sawyer or Polly and Sawyer. That being said I don't really like really masculine names used on girls. If you are set on it I'd use a really feminine first name. You have some unisex names on your girls list that I'd stay away from if you were going to use one of those middle names, such as Hadley, Harlow, Sawyer, Emerson and Ever.

    Girl/Girl Options:

    Isolde & Poppy
    Isolde & Penelope
    Isolde & Pomeline
    Isolde & Penny
    Isolde & Lucille
    Isolde & Viola/Violet
    Isolde & Hazel
    Isolde & Fiona
    Isolde & Pearl
    Isolde & Ruby
    Isolde & Phoebe
    Isolde & Rowena
    Isolde & Imogen
    Isolde & Beatrix
    Isolde & Astrid
    Isolde & Ingrid
    Isolde & Isla
    Isolde & Ariadne
    Isolde & Cordelia
    Isolde & Persephone
    Polly & Pearl
    Polly & Isla
    Polly & Amelia
    Polly & Lucy
    Polly & Muse
    Polly & Freya
    Polly & Clio
    Polly & Circe (sur-see)
    Polly & Lotus
    Polly & Ruby
    Polly & Astrid
    Polly & Rowan
    Polly & Rosa
    Polly & Ivy
    Circe & Thisbe - Love this !

    Boy/Boy Options:

    Vaughn & Oliver
    Vaughn & Hugo
    Vaughn & Bram
    Vaughn & Graham
    Vaughn & Miles
    Vaughn & Leopold
    Vaughn & Oscar
    Vaughn & Sawyer
    Vaughn & Walter
    Vaughn & Henry
    Vaughn & Atticus
    Vaughn & Theo
    Vaughn & Edison
    Vaughn & Wilder
    Roan & Nate
    Roan & Oliver
    Roan & Hugh
    Roan & Milo
    Roan & Tomas
    Roan & Theo
    Roan & Ezra
    Roan & Henry
    Roan & Finch
    Sawyer & Oliver
    Sawyer & Orson
    Sawyer & Theodore
    Sawyer & Edison
    Sawyer & Perry
    Sawyer & Lysander
    Sawyer & Wyatt
    Sawyer & Benjamin

    Girl/Boy Options:

    Isolde & Oliver
    Isolde & Henry
    Isolde & Oscar
    Isolde & Atticus
    Isolde & Lysander
    Polly & Ottis
    Polly & Oliver
    Polly & Walter
    Polly & Theo
    Polly & Leopold
    Vaughn & Lucille
    Vaughn & Florence
    Vaughn & Pearl
    Vaughn & Rowena
    Vaughn & Cordelia
    Roan & Poppy
    Roan & Ruby
    Roan & Athens
    Roan & Lilah
    Roan & Kate
    Sawyer & Charlotte
    Sawyer & Genevieve
    Sawyer & Amaryllis
    Sawyer & Corabelle
    Sawyer & Lucille

    Hope this helps!

    Ophelia Lorraine Pearl ❤ Oliver Hugo Thomas


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    My favourites from your girls list are Amelia and Isolde and Roan and Heath from thr boys list

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    My favs from your list are: Paxton and Sawyer / Amelia and Ever

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    My pairing choices would be:
    Heath and Rhett
    Heath and Noah
    Vaughn and Sawyer (b)
    Vaughn and Asher

    Amelia and Isolde
    Amelia and Hadley

    Heath and Amelia
    Rhett and Amelia

    Good luck!

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