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Thread: Catalina?

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    I love in LA, so I just think of Catalina Island, which makes it sound like a strange choice (to me, at least) , but I totally see the appeal! I like Oboeplayer1's suggestion of Catalina Skye. Here are some more:

    Catalina Faye
    Catalina Grace
    Catalina Hope
    Catalina May*
    Catalina Emmaline *
    Catalina Michaela *
    Catalina Ivory
    Catalina Victoria*
    XOXO Whillemina
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    I really like Catalina, is elegant, original, and very classy. I really like the sound of:

    Catalina Freya
    Catalina Maeve
    Catalina Jane
    Catalina Giselle
    Catalina Plum
    Catalina Isolde
    Catalina Neve
    Catalina Eve

    Good luck!
    Pilar, 20, med student.

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    My names is actually Carolina and I love it, I live in a spanish speaking country where the pronounciation of it is car-oh-leen-ah but I do have some trouble with english speaking people cause they say it as care-oh-line-ah but it's still a beautiful name and I think the pronounciation problem shouldn't put you off but Catalina is a really pretty name too

    Catalina Louise
    Catalina Victoria (too harsh sounding?)
    Catalina Eleanor

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    Had a little girl in my kindergarten class named Catalina. Adorable, smart, sweet.

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    Catalina is very feminine, pretty and sweet. I like the dramatic Spanish flair- makes me think of flamenco dancers and those crazy outdoor festivals in Spain.
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