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Thread: Catalina?

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    What do you guys think of the name Catalina? I've love Carolina (pronounced like care oh LEEN uh), but nobody would pronounce it that way where I live, so I definitely couldn't ever use it as a fn... :-(.

    Catalina seems pretty similar, but people would probably be able to pronounce it :-). I also still get the nickname Lina (LEEN uh), which I LOVE!

    So, WDYT? Also, what are some good middle names for Catalina??


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    I also love the name Catalina by itself, but it reminds me of the salad dressing...don't know if that association would ruin it for you (you'd associate it more with your LO than anything else in the long run). A "word" short name afterwards would be cute, I think, like Rune or Belle.

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    It reminds me of those old school flying boats from the olden days! I agree it should have a short middle name
    Catalina Faye
    Catalina Grace
    Catalina Rose
    Catalina Skye (running with a flying theme lol)

    Names that also end in Lina
    Alina (so pretty and simple!)

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    I like it!
    I find it very feminine and sophisticated. I also agree that a shorter middle name would be best - one or two syllables...

    What about...?
    Catalina Wren
    Catalina Blaire
    Catalina Justine
    Catalina Simone
    Catalina Maeve

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    Thanks guys! What does everyone think of Catalina Arbor??

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