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    You've always grown up poor. With an overload of siblings, 3 brothers and 5 sisters, making ends meet was always pretty tough for your parents. You've lived in hotels, once in an apartment, and currently, at the start of your senior year, in a homeless shelter. Despite all of the money issues you are grateful for your family.

    What's your name? Meredith Vera
    What are your parents' names? Samuel Paul & Brooke Riley
    What are your brothers' names? Igor David, Finely Brian, and Issac Thomas
    What are your sisters' names? Juliet Christine, Heaven Quinn, Imogen Rae, Bronwen Chyna, and Celeste Victoria
    What number kid are you (first-born, second-born, etc.)? first.
    What is the name of the shelter? Helping Hands.

    Around December volunteers come in to give the people in the home a holiday. They bring in cookies, gifts for the little kids, and lots of donations. You recognize one boy from your school. He looks cute in his Santa Clause hat but once his gorgeous eyes look at you you're mortified, and spend the rest of the day in your room.

    What's his name? Troy George

    At school, once winter break is over, he confronts you and asks why you were in the shelter. You tell him politely why but are still embarrassed. He listens calmly and then says when he was younger, his dad left his mom and they lived in the exact shelter for a while. Now they were better off and have a house. He invites you over to meet his mom and two younger brothers.

    What does he look like? Borwn hair and blue eyes, freckles, with an athletic build.
    What is his mom's name? Jeana Angelique
    What are his brothers' names? Jordan Carter, and Henry Kevin

    You end up as boyfriend and girlfriend and you find yourself head over heels. When you are nineteen you are engaged and living together. Neither one of you can afford college or a marriage or a family (which disappoints you both), so you live in a trailer park. It is almost harder to make ends meet now - even though you both want a career you are working at a fast food restaurant.

    What do you want to be? Interior Designer
    What does he want to be? Forsenic DNA analyzer

    A year later your fiancee and you are walking home from work. You both notice, on a billboard, that big lottery wins tonight are $350,000,000. You buy a ticket in a dirty corner shop, and when you go home and scratch it off...THE MONEY IS YOURS! Completely ecstatic you cash in the ticket.

    The next day you sell your trailer and buy a car.

    What kind of car is it? Nothing flashy, but the golfball yellow bemmer ou've always dreamed of.

    After the car, your fiancee and you drive it out to look at grand houses for sale. You eventually see one you both fall in love with, and in two months it's yours.

    Where is the house? Winchester, Virginia
    What does it look like? Victorian, set in the mountains, with acres of land, and a pond out back also. Lots of balconies and a big porch
    How many bedrooms? a whopping 5!

    You give some of the money to your siblings and his siblings. They are happy, and the older ones and the younger ones put much of it away for college. Remembering, your fiancee and you both get into good schools.

    What college are you at? VCU
    What college is he at? Brown

    When you are 24 you are both graduated. Although you don't really need jobs you both take one anyway, because your parents still want you both to realize life isn't handed to you on a silver platter.

    What's he working as? DNA investigator
    What are you working as? design consultant

    That is when, finally, finally, finally, you two get married.

    What were the wedding colors like? Purple and gold
    What did the dress look like? A beautiful mermaid style dress with beading

    You go on your honeymoon.

    Where did you go? Tuscany, Italy

    When you get back your big house and big yard/garden seem very big and empty. You decide to start trying for a baby...
    Proud mommy of Annemarie Belle, and expecting another daughter in November.

    People who say they sleep like a baby usually don't have one.
    - Leo J. Burke

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