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    You and Rhys have been together for three years. Your kids adore him, he adores your kids, his kids really like you, and everybody is getting along beautifully. So, what's the problem? The problem is that you overheard your eldest child from your first marriage, Theo, whisper to your boyfriend's second-eldest child, Eden, that your boyfriend took him to the jewelry store to help him pick out a ring you might like. You love your boyfriend, but can you handle a third marriage?

    What are the names of your children from your first marriage? Theodore "Theo", Elias "Eli", & Nathaniel "Nate"
    How old are they now? Theo- 23 Eli- 21 Nate- 18

    What are the names of your stepchildren? Avery (g) & Aiden
    How old are they now? Avery- 22 Aiden- 20

    What are the names of your children you had by your second husband? Amelia, Aria & Adelaide "Addie"
    How old are they now? Amelia- 14 Aria & Addie- 9

    What are the names of your boyfriend's children? Zion (b), Eden, Pax (b), & Grace
    How old are they now? Zion- 16 Eden- 14 Pax- 12 Grace- 10

    9 weeks later, your boyfriend asks you if you would like to live with him. The kids get excited and beg and plead with you to say yes. You can't bring yourself to say no.

    What does your new house look like? Roll the dice
    5 or 6:

    1 months go by. The kids are happy in their new home and so are you. You know now that your boyfriend is nothing like your first husband, Joe, or your second husband, Patrick. Which is why when he asks you to marry him, you know for certain what your answer is going to be.

    How does he propose? Roll the dice
    1 or 2: He goes to the local bakery and instructs them to bake a cake with a marriage proposal on it and put it in the window. He takes you to the bakery to pick up a dessert for dinner and points to the cake in the window. Then he drops down on one knee, pulls out the ring, and asks you to marry him.

    What does your dress look like? Roll the dice
    1 or 2:

    What does your engagement ring look like? Roll the dice
    9 or 10:

    Where do you go for your honeymoon? Roll the dice
    7 or 8: California

    4 years after your wedding, you and DH want a child of your own. But you're well over 40 now and child-bearing will be risky. To your surprise, you go to the doctor's and find out you're a "fertile myrtle", you can still have a child, even at this age, but only with some help from fertility treatments. You and DH decide to give it a shot. After 7 tries, you get pregnant.
    How many babies do you have? Roll the dice
    5 or 6: four
    What are the genders? boy, boy, boy, girl

    What are the babies' names? Roll the dice
    3 or 4: first & middle names from
    Names: August Griffin Jones, Calvin Jasper Jones, Levi Garrett Jones, & Ruby Bridget Jones

    10 years go by. Most of your children are older now, some even in college or out of college. Your and DH's miracle multiples are more independent and in school. You start to feel bouts of empty nest want a baby. Your husband admits he kind of misses having one around, too. The two of you turn to adoption. You adopt an older child, one that is still little but not needing as much as a baby.
    What is your adopted child's name & age, & where is she from? Roll the dice
    9: A 6-year-old girl from the Netherlands; first & middle names from
    Name: Romy Alexandra Jones
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