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    Your name is Molly Grace Lockwood and last year you divorced your abusive husband, William Alexander Page, who had gotten violent with you and your children after he started to drink heavily once he was laid off from his job. You got full custody of your children, you go back to your maiden name as well as change their last name to your maiden name, and moved to a new house in Vermont. You can afford living with your job as a make-up artist. Your ex-husband moved to a different state and no one has heard from him since. You prefer to keep it that way.

    You are 30 when you divorce from your husband.

    You have two boys, 6 and 8. Your eldest is Samson Seth Lockwood and your youngest is Zachary John Lockwood.

    Your eldest child, Sam, has become good friends with another child about their age in the same neighborhood since your family has settled into your new house. When your son/daughter is invited to the child's birthday party, you go with him/her and meet their friend's father, a widower and a doctor named Henry Nicholas Todd. 3 months later, you're dating him.

    He is 37.

    He has an 8 year old girl named Chloe Pearl Todd.

    3 years later, your boyfriend proposes to you! You two buy a house together big enough to fit all your kids and six months later, the two of you are married. After the wedding, you go on your honeymoon to Paris and when you return, you adopt his children and he adopts yours.

    He takes you on a special walk through a trail in the park. At the end, you reach a rowboat in the water. He rows you in it to a location where he already had candles (unlit) and a full picnic basket set up.

    You have a whimsical winter wedding.

    1 month after you marry your second husband, Henry, you discover you're pregnant with your & DH's first child.
    How many children do you have (your children from your first marriage, plus your husband's children from his first marriage): 3
    What are the kids' names? Samson, Zachary, and Chloe Pearl
    How old are each of the kids? 12, 9 and 12

    The baby is a girl called Carmen Lily Todd.

    2 years after your child is born, while your kids are away at sleepovers and summer camps respectively over the summer, you come home one afternoon and catch your husband half-naked on the sofa with another woman--a woman who use to babysit your youngest child shortly after you divorced from your first husband, someone you considered a friend.

    You throw him and his mistress out of the house. He comes back later that night and, on both knees, begs you to forgive him. Because he is the father of your children, you do.

    A year after that incident, you find out you're pregnant again. Ever since you caught him in the act, you've had him on a tight leash. As idealistic as it sounds, you hope this new baby will keep your family together, like all your other children have. In your third month, you find out you're having multiples.

    You have twin boys, Harper Smith and Taylor Mason.

    When the multiples are 2 years old, by now you're convinced your husband is true to you and your children. However, he never returns home one night after an alleged night out with friends. The next morning, you report him missing to the police. You find out he was last seen with a woman he works with--and that he's been having an affair with this woman for almost two years. You return home an hour later, extremely upset, and find a surprising message on your house phone's voicemail: it's the husband of your husband's mistress. He introduces himself as James Robin Thatcher and asks if you would like to meet him for dinner at a local restaurant, to discuss your spouses. Impulsively, you agree and you arrange to meet him the following night. He turns out to be a handsome, wealthy, and educated man that impresses you from the first hello. He takes you to an expensive Italian restaurant for dinner, works as a movie director, and loves his children, whom he can't seem to stop talking about.

    He is 42.

    He has four children, a 9-year-old girl, an 8-year-old girl, a 6-year-old girl, & a 4-year-old boy

    Their names are Lola Beatrice, Sabrina Jewel, Melody Pearl and Blake Roy Thatcher.

    Two weeks later, your husband returns home. He says he's sorry for leaving the children and not explaining himself, but he was confused. He realized he's fallen in love with the other woman and can't be married to you anymore. You understand and decide to do what you didn't do the first time: divorce him. You get full custody of the children and the house. His girlfriend leaves her husband as well and the two move to Europe together. At least, he keeps in touch with his children.

    You and James have become good friends after the incident. Your children and your stepchildren have a hard time getting used to him, but they get along better with his kids than they did when they first met years ago. Your relationship with him is far more gradual than your relationships with your first and second husbands. He's a genuine good man, who deeply cares for you and the children. Eventually, the your kids warm up to him and his kids take a liking to you. After 2 years, you're finally dating him.

    You and James have been together for three years. Your kids adore him, he adores your kids, his kids really like you, and everybody is getting along beautifully. So, what's the problem? The problem is that you overheard your eldest child from your first marriage, Sam, whisper to your boyfriend's second-eldest child, Sabrina, that your boyfriend took him/her to the jewelry store to help him pick out a ring you might like. You love your boyfriend, but can you handle a third marriage?

    What are the names of your children from your first marriage? Sam (22) and Zach (20)

    What is the name of your stepchild? Chloe (22)

    What are the names of your children you had by your second husband? Carmen (10) Harper and Taylor (7)

    What are the names of your boyfriend's children? Lola (14) Sabrina (13) Melody (11) and Blake (9)

    3 months later, your boyfriend asks you if you would like to live with him. The kids get excited and beg and plead with you to say yes. You can't bring yourself to say no.

    6 months go by. The kids are happy in their new home and so are you. You know now that your boyfriend is nothing like your first husband, William, or your second husband, Henry. Which is why when he asks you to marry him, you know for certain what your answer is going to be.

    He brings you to the same restaurant the two of you met to get acquainted and talk about your spouses. He tells you that ever since then, the relationship has grown so much and he hopes you feel the same way. Then he asks you to marry him.

    You have an old Hollywood glamor theme wedding at an old art deco movie theater with the colors silver, white, black, and blush pink and a swing band.

    You go to California for your honeymoon.

    5 years after your wedding, you and DH want a child of your own. But you're well over 40 now and child-bearing will be risky. To your surprise, you go to the doctor's and find out you're a "fertile myrtle", you can still have a child, even at this age, but only with some help from fertility treatments. You and DH decide to give it a shot. After 5 tries, you get pregnant.

    You have two boys, Caspar Finn and Lucas Auden.

    10 years go by. Most of your children are older now, some even in college or out of college. Your and DH's miracle multiples are more independent and in school. You start to feel bouts of empty nest want a baby. Your husband admits he kind of misses having one around, too. The two of you turn to adoption. You adopt an older child, one that is still little but not needing as much as a baby.

    You adopt a 5-year-old girl from France, Lana Rose.

    Molly Grace Thatcher (59)
    James Robin Thatcher (63)
    Samson Seth Lockwood (37)
    Chloe Pearl Todd (37)
    Zachary John Lockwood (35)
    Lola Beatrice Thatcher (29)
    Sabrina Jewel Thatcher (28)
    Carmen Lily Todd (26)
    Melody Pearl Thatcher (26)
    Blake Roy Thatcher (24)
    Harper Smith and Taylor Mason Todd (23)
    Caspar Finn and Lucas Auden Thatcher (10)
    Lana Rose Thatcher (5)

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