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    Middle name question

    So, we decided on Isadora for a girl. The only problem with this is that we had thrown out the potential of using Lilia as the first name to my dh's mom to see if she'd find that to be a good thing. Her name, Susan, means's lily and I thought it was be a neat way to honor her.

    She agreed.

    Then, some good friends of ours had a daughter and named her Lillian and James decided it was off the list.

    The problem: We've already mentioned to MIL we wanted to include her somehow.

    Solution: Find a way to still do that.

    We were going to use Lilia in the first name spot and then something from my mom in the middle. Now, we need to use something from both of them in the middle. Both of my boys have 2 middle names, but Ekaterina only has one. I don't think she will really feel left out, but I'm sure that will get brought up.

    Here are the options.


    Lilia (see above)
    Kay (MIL's middle name)

    My mom

    Frances (Mom's middle name)
    Monet (Mom's maiden name was Monette)

    So, we have:

    Isadora Kay Frances
    Isadora Lilia Frances
    Isadora Lilia Monet
    Isadora Frances Kay

    Or something even more abstract like

    Isadora Marlily (My mom's first name is Marlene)
    Isadora Lilimar

    I don't like the -ette sound of my mom's maiden name. It is originally French though and the pronunciation would be Monet like the artist.

    Any thoughts?

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    Isadora Lily Monet

    Isadora Marilia (smoosh Marlene and Lilia)

    Isadora Fay (Frances and Kay combined)

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    Isadora Kaylene
    Isadora Lilith Monet

    Just throwing them out there!

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    My favourite combo is Isadora Lilia Monet. But I think you should consider Isadora Lily Monet. I think it works better, as far as flow, and you've still maintained the sound of the name, and the meaning. I think Isadora Lily Monet is a fantastic name!!

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    Thanks! Yes, the -a ending on Lilia with the -a ending on Isadora together were bothering me a bit too. I just love Lilia on it's own. I agree though, maybe changing that to Lily would be better.

    I don't like Kaylene or Fay at all. Very dated sounding to me.

    So, I will definitely keep Isadora Lily Money up for consideration and ask DH about it.

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