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    Six months after you marry your second husband, Stewart James Holden, you discover you're pregnant with your & DH's first child.
    How many children do you have (your children from your first marriage, plus your husband's children from his first marriage): 5
    What are the kids' names? Dexter Kai, Matilda Scarlett, Judith Sophia "Judy", Charlotte Anne and Aidan James.
    How old are each of the kids? Dexter is 10, so is Judy, Matilda is 9, Charlotte is 8 and Aidan is 5.
    What is your baby's gender? 4. Girl

    Girls' first & middle names. Roll the dice
    3 or 4:

    What is your baby's name?
    Josephine Imogen Holden

    Three years after your child is born, while your kids are away at sleepovers and summer camps respectively over the summer, you come home one afternoon and catch your husband half-naked on the sofa with another woman--a woman who use to babysit your youngest child shortly after you divorced from your first husband, someone you considered a friend.
    How do you react? Roll the dice
    5 or 6: You run out of the house, crying, and go to your best friend's house. You stay there for the rest of the day before going home. Your husband asks you to forgive him. Deep down, you're not sure that you want to, but you do anyway.

    A year after that incident, you find out you're pregnant again. Ever since you caught him in the act, you've had him on a tight leash. As idealistic as it sounds, you hope this new baby will keep your family together, like all your other children have. In your third month, you find out you're having multiples.
    How many babies do you have, what are their names & genders? Roll the dice
    2: Twin boys; first & middle names from
    What are your children's names?
    Carter Pilot Holden and Hunter Taylor Holden.

    When the multiples are 1 year old, by now you're convinced your husband is true to you and your children. However, he never returns home one night after an alleged night out with friends. The next morning, you report him missing to the police. You find out he was last seen with a woman he works with--and that he's been having an affair with this woman for almost two years. You return home an hour later, extremely upset, and find a surprising message on your house phone's voicemail: it's the husband of your husband's mistress. He introduces himself as Nathaniel Paul Gray and asks if you would like to meet him for dinner at a local restaurant, to discuss your spouses. Impulsively, you agree and you arrange to meet him the following night. He turns out to be a handsome, wealthy, and educated man that impresses you from the first hello. He takes you to an expensive Italian restaurant for dinner, works as a cook, and loves his children, whom he can't seem to stop talking about.
    How old is he? Roll the dice
    5: 44

    How many kids does he have, what are their names, ages, & genders? Roll the dice
    4: Four children, an 11-year-old girl, a 9-year-old boy, a 7-year-old girl, & a 5-year-old boy; first & middle names from
    Names: Sunday Tulip Gray, Joseph Simon Gray, Lilia Rachel Gray and Jonathan Birch Gray.

    Two weeks later, your husband returns home. He says he's sorry for leaving the children and not explaining himself, but he was confused. He realized he's fallen in love with the other woman and can't be married to you anymore. You understand and decide to do what you didn't do the first time: divorce him. You get full custody of the children and the house. His girlfriend leaves her husband as well and the two move to Europe together. At least, he keeps in touch with his children.

    You and Nathaniel have become good friends after the incident. Your children and your stepchildren have a hard time getting use to him, but they get along better with his kids than they did when they first met years ago. Your relationship with him is far more gradual than your relationships with your first and second husbands. He's a genuine good man, who deeply cares for you and the children. Eventually, your kids warm up to him and his kids take a liking to you. After 4 years, you're finally dating him.

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