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    Looking for a name I love

    My partner and I are hoping to get pregnant early next year. We have found a boy's name that we absolutely love and thought we'd decided on a girl's name, but now I realize that I like it but don't love it. We both like Irish names, but not ones that are really difficult for North Americans to say/spell. Personally, I would prefer a unisex name, but haven't found any that we both love and/or sound good. The last name will be three syllables and either begin with Sh or R (we've decided to use the last name that sounds better with the first and middle names). I want a name that won't make the kid be _____ S/R (my name was super popular the year I was born), but also isn't unheard of and/or difficult for people.

    Edited because I forgot to mention that the last name will be three syllables and pretty long, so long first names are probably out.

    Names we (or, in some cases, only I) like but don't love:

    -Amelia (too tied to Amelia Bedelia?)
    -Isadora (I dislike this one a little because it makes me think "is adorable")
    -Imogen (I love, love, love this but my partner doesn't and I also don't think I can entirely picture it on my kid)
    -Rowan (both like a lot, but it sounds horrible with either last name)
    -Esme (long-time favourite, but I think now ruined by Twilight)
    -Matilda (I haven't run this one by my partner yet -- I think he'll hate it -- and I'm not entirely sure I can picture it on my kid, either. But I do love it with the nicknames Mattie or Tilly.)
    -Tamsin (but I loathe the name Tammy and think it's probably an inevitable nickname. The character of Tamsin in Hardy's The Return of the Native isn't also the BEST namesake, and it's where I heard the name first.)

    To give some ideas of the types of boy names we considered:


    I'm just basically looking for some new ideas since I think maybe I'm looking in all the wrong places! Thanks!
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    What do you think of..?


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    I like the sound of the name Amerie (and, oddly, I was just looking at it for the first time!) but not sure I love it. I do like the name Audrey quite a bit, but have a relative in my immediate family with the name. (I also like Aubrey, but figured it's too similar to Audrey in sound.) I do like Amalia, so I'll add that one! Thanks!

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    Here are a few more Am- names you might like.


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    I put a few names from your list into Nymbler - here's a few it suggested that you may like:

    Alice (another Twilight association, but not as strong as Esme!)

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