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    Pick the one you like best...

    Amelia Johanna
    Ava Camille (I know Ava is PAINFULLY popular but it is soooooooooooo beautiful that I "might" be willing to overlook it.

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    This is hard, I like both. I am going to go with Ava Camille because I LOVE Camille. They are both lovely choices though.
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    I actually like Johanna best as a first name! It's so underused, and makes me think of that beautiful song from Sweeney Todd (added plus: she's one of the few characters that doesn't die.) Honestly, I think 'Johanna Camille' sounds the best.

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    I agree with @schmergo--Johanna is stunning! I've been thinking about adding it to my own list. Since I'm not a fan of Amelia, Ava Camille automatically wins for me. And the more I think about Ava Camille, the more I like it. I would also really like Ava Johanna, and Johanna Camille is pretty, too.
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    Thank you!

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