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    Which is the least popular/most unusual: Rose, Josephine, or Maeve?

    According to the Social Security Administration website, Josephine is #186, Rose is #337, and Maeve is #536. I'm worried that they are all getting too popular, because each has climbed up the charts! These are the only three my husband has considered (my own taste is even less conventional). Rose and Josephine are both family names, and Maeve honors my husbands 100% Irish heritage.

    My (other) favorites-- would love opinions!
    Mairead, Beatrix, Louisa, Penelope, Phoebe, Sage, Fiona, Finnoula, Hazel, Tabitha, Rowan, Wiley, Willa, Winnie, Neve,Mae, Sylvie, Pearl, Anna, Camille/Camilla, Graziella, Clover, Ophelia, Roisin, Saoirse, Seraphina

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