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    Emmelina's middle name?

    So we're thinking Emmelina, but need a middle name. We really love Emmelina Snow, but is it trying too hard? Last name is Boehmer, pronounced BEEmer. Thanks!

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    Cair Paravel :)
    I think Emmelina Snow is pretty! I considered Snow as a MN, too. But for Charlotte.

    I have had Emmeline Olivia and Emmeline Ruby on my list in the past, so Emmelina Ruby and Emmelina Olivia were my first thoughts. I think they sound great with Boehmer...

    What about:
    Emmelina Kate
    Emmelina Verity
    Emmelina Chloe
    Emmelina Tess
    Emmelina Pearl
    Emmelina Francesca (really long!)
    Emmelina Ivy
    Emmelina Corinne
    Emmelina Camille

    Good luck!
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    Emmelina Snow is pretty, but I'm having issues saying Emmelina Snow Boehmer for some reason...

    What about Emmelina Sage? Love that, and it doesn't have the "trying too hard" stamp on it, not that Snow really does, either. Emmelina Bay, Emmelina Clare, Emmelina Faye, Emmelina Fleur, Emmelina June, Emmelina May, Emmelina Pearl, Emmelina Page, Emmelina Rue, Emmelina Rose?

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    I love Snow, think you should stick to a one syllable MN

    Emmelina Plum
    Emmelina Shea

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