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Thread: Alycesaundra

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    Quote Originally Posted by agirlinred View Post
    I'm by no means defending the spelling, as I think it's horrid too. However, perhaps mom and dad were trying to honor grandmothers Alyce and Saundra?

    Well her twin sister's name was Giavanna, and according to her mother Giavanna was the prettiest one in the pageant. I don't think there's that much thought.
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    I remember that T&T episode! The daughters were twins named Alessandra and Giavanna to honor the parents' Italian heritage...except they spelled it Alycesaundra and pronounced Giavanna wrong (it should be pronounced JA-vanna, they kept calling her GEE-ah-vanna), which to me kind of ruins the honor.
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    I once knew a Sunserai. I don't hate it,

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    My name is Jasmine, it's wasn't popular at all when I was born (people thought my parents were crazy for naming me after a plant!) but now it's ridiculously popular here. I keep seeing stupid spellings like Jazmyn, Jazzmyne, Jaezmin, Jassamyn.... I feel so sorry for those little girls who are going to have to spell their name out for their entire life!
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    Blech... These are horrible

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