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Thread: Alycesaundra

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    Just saw an episode of Make Room for Multiples (TLC) where one of the triplets was called Jerzee. I had to stop watching the show, I'm not kidding.

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    Saw the name Apiphonee once... Eek. But my daughter's name is Liviya which is a legit stand alone name and spelling (Hebrew)...not a cut off mispell of Olivia.

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    Oh dear... Poor child...

    I really like the name Griffin but prefer the Gryffin spelling... but I fear people might think I was trying to be kre8if

    @bounceparty: Jerzee? Where were they from? Oh, God, I don't even know why I bother asking!

    All this nonsense with having a child's name being so different it's impossible to spell is making my head hurt and my smile frown... I need to rest...

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    I work for a social security, and deal with these kinds of names every day. Some people when you ask what their child's name is, they immediately spell it because they've been asked how to spell it so many times. Then even after they say it, I can't remember the correct way to pronounce it after hearing it only once. I have to keep referring to the kid as 'your son' or 'your daughter', assuming I can tell the gender! I'm all for creativity, but why this is necessary when there are no many unusual, creative REAL names, I don't know.

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    Those are pretty bad... but the worst I have heard is from a friend of mine whose sister is a teacher. She told me about this directly so it is not an urban legend. A couple of years ago she was headed to her "meet the teachers" night before school started. She got her class list and saw a child listed as: L-ah.

    She assumed it was a typo for Leah. When she met the child and parents she was horrified to learn that the child's name was in fact L-ah, pronounced "Ladasha" (La-dash-uh). Horrifying. The poor child.
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