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    My daughter is Isla Grace.
    I'm glad to meet another little Isla.
    Anyways, I agree with bennettsmom.
    I think Isla Violet is gorgeous!

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    Mar 2011
    I agree, I think Isla Violet would be nice!
    Some more ideas:
    Isla Chloe
    Isla Claire
    Isla June
    Isla Olivia
    Isla Sophie
    Isla Zoe

    Good luck!

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    Aug 2011
    I like poptart's idea -- Isla January.

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    I really like Isla Jane and Isla Katherine. I know they have already been suggested, but when I came into this post, those were the ones I was going to suggest. Isla January is also pretty. I think January would make an awsome name, but I can't use it because of issues with my last name, so if you like it, I say go for it.

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    Thank you all! I think we have narrowed it done to Isla Violet or Isla Rose

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