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    names that mean the same thing in different languages

    especially Italian and Armenian.
    some ideas for meanings that I had were "summer", "dancer", "beautiful", "hope", "faith", "nature", and "sunny".
    I'm open for any other ideas as well.
    Please share anything you know.

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    Primavera means spring in Italian and Spanish...would anyone consider using that? I don't think I would but I do really like it (guilty pleasure name?)

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    In Italian:
    Summer: Estate (weird for me, but it could work)
    Dancer: Danzatrice (G) - Danzatore (B)
    Beautiful: Bella (Already a common one)
    Hope: Speranza
    Faith: Fede (In Italy a very common nickname for Federica/Federico)
    Nature: Natura
    Sunny: Soleggiato

    They are absolutely not Italian names, just the exact translation. It sounds a little weird for me, to have a baby named such, but simply as weird as it could be for an English speaker to have a baby named Keyboard or Tree. I'd keep these as guilty pleasure names all things considered. Of for pets.

    If you meant Italian-sounding names that meant summer, sunny, hope etc, well, that's another matter entirely.

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