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    My name: Serena Lily Black
    My husband: August Nathaniel Black

    Our house:

    We have seven beautiful children.

    1. Our first is 18 year old Asa Bartholomew Black. He's very studious and has been saying since age ten that he'd go far, far away for college. In a few months, he will be across the country, at MIT. He wants to be an engineer.

    This is his room:
    This is Asa:

    2. Our second child is another boy, Rogue Maddox Black, who is 15. He, to put it simply, is the opposite of Asa. People often ask us how we went from naming one boy Asa to naming the other Rogue. The answer? The first time we held little Rogue we knew he wasn't going to be like our calm little Asa. Boy were we right. Rogue skateboards (& does tons of other dangerous stuff), and wants to stay local for college (where he wants to major in business) so he can save up to travel after college.

    His room:

    3. Our third is another boy, 14 year old Lorcan Malachy Eamon Black. He plays baseball, water polo, is a scholar and wants to work in government one day. He is social, but only has a few very close friends. One of his middle names, Eamon, is after his uncle, who he looks up to. The "E" pillow in his room was given to him by his Uncle Eamon, and he insists on keeping it in his room. Lorcan gets his blonde hair from his dad's side, which Uncle Eamon also shares.

    His room:

    4. Our fourth kid, also a boy, is 12 year old Felix Augustine Black. He is pretty quiet, but also extremely artistic. One of my best friends, Tuesday Anastasia, is an artist and she and Felix have always had a strong bond. He is always in his room, even more than the three older boys, and they're teenagers. He gets along best with our nine year old.

    Felix's room:

    5. Our fifth child is our first daughter, nine year old India Caroline. She is vibrant and beautiful, and we feel bad for any boy she dates because she has four big brothers, who all fell in love with her. She loves being outside, wearing dresses and tutus, and bright colors. She is often found in Felix's room singing and dancing as he draws, paints or even plays along with her. He insists that India must've been a fairy in a past life.

    India's room:

    6. Our sixth child is our second daughter, Mabel Aurora Black. She is very tiny, and very spunky. A little too spunky for a seven year old, but we all love her anyway. She loves pink and purple, but she also loves to play sports. She's a daredevil like her big brother Rogue. We have a little skatepark in the park in our neighborhood that is rarely used. Oftentimes, Rogue takes Mabel, all padded up, as if she were to fall apart. There, he teaches Mabel to skate.

    Her room:

    7. Our last kid is our fifth son, sixth year old Clay Nathaniel Black. He is full of energy and runs around outside with Mabel. He's exceptionally smart and has skipped a grade, so he is in the same grade as Mabel.

    Clay's room:
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