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    ~* Super Spooky Halloween Name Game *~

    Click here for DICE.

    Birth #1 - roll dice
    If even - girl; if odd - boy

    FN: from It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown
    Girls - Lucy, Marcy, Patty, Sally, Frieda, Violet
    Boys - Charles, Linus, Franklin, Schroeder, Shermy

    MN: from Halloween
    Girls - Laurie, Annie, Lynda, Lindsey, Marion
    Boys - Sam, Tommy, Richie, Lonnie, Michael

    Birth #2 - Who is your favorite Sanderson sister?
    Winifred - girl
    Sarah - boy
    Mary - girl/girl twins
    I don't know what movie this is - boy/boy twins (It's Hocus Pocus - go watch it!)

    Girl FNs: Winifred, Sarah, Mary, Emily, Allison, Danielle, Lily

    Girl MNs: Jane, Annemarie, Abigail, Morgana, Liesl, Kate

    Boy FNs: Max, Ernie, Jay, Billy, Thackery, Elijah, Zachary

    Boy MNs: Ross, Matthew, Merlin, Arthur, William, Thomas

    Birth #3 - Which is the best song from Rocky Horror Picture Show?
    Science Fiction/Double Feature - girl
    Dam*it Janet - boy
    Time Warp - girl/girl twins
    I Can Make You a Man - boy/boy twins
    Another song or haven't seen this - boy/girl twins

    FN - roll the dice
    if 1 - starts with A-D
    if 2 - starts with E-H
    if 3 - starts with I-L
    if 4 - starts with M-P
    if 5 - starts with Q-T
    if 6 - starts with U-Z

    MN - who's your favorite Disney villain?
    Ursula - a name in the USA or Nameberry Top 10
    Evil Queen from Snow White - a French name
    Wicked Stepmother - starts with the same letter as your first name
    Jafar - one of the "Names Searched Right Now on Nameberry page (at the top)
    Queen of Hearts - a nature or word name
    Someone else - a Disney name

    [b]Birth #4 - roll dice
    1 or 2 - girl
    3 or 4 - boy
    5 - twins (roll 2x to choose genders - even for girl, odd for boy)
    6 - triplets (roll 3x to choose genders - even for girl, odd for boy)

    FN: Choose the SCARIEST movie and use a name from the following list:
    Nightmare on Elm Street: Alice, Zoe, Rachael, Thea, Annie; Gabriel, Jeremy, John, Adrian, Jonah
    Friday the Thirteenth: Audrey, Amelia, Sophie, Georgia; Isaiah, Tucker, Samuel, Elijah, Denny
    Scream: Katelyn, Madison, Madelyn, Abby, Vivian; Henry, Bennett, Jack, Leo, Rylan
    Psycho: Grace, Rosa, Natalie, Bella, Reece; Andrew, Hunter, Max, Benjamin, Cooper
    Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Jennie, Brianna, Monica, Dottie, Kristin; Angus, Fisher, Levi, Miles, Christian

    MN: Are you dressing up for Halloween this year?
    YES - one syllable name
    NO - two syllable name
    UNDECIDED - three syllable name

    Birth #5 - Blair Witch Project - scary or no?
    YES - girl
    NO - boy
    Haven't seen it - boy/girl twins

    FN *and* MN: Choose the best Halloween candy:
    Reese Cups - same initials as your mother
    Bubble gum - same initials as your father
    Snickers - same initials as your best friend
    Sweet Tarts - same initials as one of your grandparents
    something else - your initials

    Hope you had fun!

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    excuse my username

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