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    My name is Charlotte Rose Taylor "Lotte"
    I am 22 years old
    Course: Spanish
    Job: Working at Costa
    Best Friend: Matilda Hope Avis "Mattie"
    New Job: Golden Dragon
    City: London
    Man: He is a half Russian half Greek doctor celebrating a nurses birthday
    His Name: Aleksandr Galen Petrovskii
    Dating For: 10 months before he proposes
    Are Married: 2 years later
    Honeymoon: Greece
    Child One: Katya Violetta "Kat"
    Child Two (Boy Twin): Mikhail Valerik "Mikey"
    Child Three (Girl Twin): Anastasija Jelena "Annie"
    Child Four: (Boy Twin): Oskar Balthazar "Ozzie"
    Child Five (Girl Twin): Keziah Suri "Kezzie"
    Child Six: Zaria Charlotte "Ria" (Zaria is Russian for sunrise)
    Child Seven: Dimitri Alekeyevich (Isayev)
    Child Eight: Luka Maxim
    Child Nine: Jurek Matvei
    Child Ten: Yelena Natasza (Lenny)

    Guinea Pigs: Zembla and Yuri

    Kaspar, Felix, Dmitri, Rudi and Soren
    Amelie, June, Belle, Luna and Violet
    *Not expecting, just collecting*

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