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Thread: Twin girls

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    Twin girls

    Nothing's official yet, but we're currently leaning towards Shae Audrey and Sable Blake. What do you think?

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    The names are lovely taken individually, but I think the potential difficulty here is with the middle names. Both first names blur into their middles: it sounds like Shaudrey and Sable-Lake. If you're in love with the first names, I'd maybe think about middles that use different vowel/consonant sounds, e.g. Shae Claudia and Sable Maeve (just examples that share similar sounds without muddling).

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    How about Audrey Shae and Blake Sable, instead? That way they both would share the same middle initial, and it wouldn't be as confusing. Shae and Sable are a bit "rhyme-y."

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    I like both of your names, a good mix of classic and newer sounding names

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    I second the suggestion of Sable Maeve. I think Sable Blake sounds like Sabled (not a word I know) Lake. Shea Audrey is alright but I think Audrey Shea sounds better.

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