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    You're 17 years old and living in the mountains in Ireland, where you can ski everyday in winter and sunbathe everyday in summer, the wildlife is incredible, and you feel like you're on top of the world. There's just one problem... tourists. They appear everywhere, turn all the small villages into resorts, take over the ski runs, and trample all over the wildlife. You dislike them more than your school coursework, and you and your friends go to the trouble of irritating them as much as possible... it never crossed your mind that you might fall for one.

    On your 18th birthday, after a long day skiing, you go out with your friends to the only big club in town, "Cube", to celebrate and to have a night to remember before you all split up for university. You're dancing to Fun's "We are young" when you trip over and fall into a young French man with his back to you. He turns around with irritation in his eyes, but one look at you brushes it away.

    Whichever you get, the two of you are together by the end of the evening, and switch phone numbers. He calls the next evening, and a conversation about how on earth you'll meet up again when you live in different countries turns into a dream-like situation: you're both going to the same university, Cambridge!

    You complete four-year degrees together, on and off with a hundred arguments (but a hundred make-ups) along the way, but you make it through somehow as a couple.
    What's his name?
    Sebastien Thierry Guilome D'Argent
    What's your name?
    Christiana Valeria Morgan
    What degrees are you doing?
    I do History, he does Medicine

    After 2 years, he proposes under a dripping umbrella next to the Eiffel tower, and after 4 months, you marry. Where and when do you marry?
    Autumn, hotel

    Where do you honeymoon? (roll the dice, pick a country from the continent)
    Europe - Greece

    After 2 years, you have both settled into your jobs as a university professor and an oncologist, and have bought a small apartment in London. You are 4 months pregnant when a fire breaks out in your apartment as you're both sleeping. Your smoke alarm is defective, but you are woken up by a random text from the phone company, smell the smoke, and manage to get out - you two and your baby are saved by pure luck! So, when your baby is born, you decide that its middle name should mean 'lucky' or 'miracle'.

    6 - Girl: Beatrice Nasya (Nasya = Miracle of God)

    After that scare, you move into a much larger house in London. Two and a half years later, you find yourself pregnant again, this time with multiples! You decide that one baby's middle name should be linked to the song you were dancing to when the two of you met, and that another middle name should be linked to the name of the club where you met - all other babies can have any middle name. What do you have, and what are their names? (roll the dice for gender and first name)

    4 - Girl: Ivy Natalie Rue (the lead vocalist of FUN is called Nate Ruess)
    Girl: Stella Imogen
    Boy: Oscar Regulus (a cube is a regular hexahendron)

    You decide to wait a little while before your next pregnancy; getting to grips with multiples can take some time! In the meantime, you get two pets that your current children can grow up with. What do you get?

    5 - A male pony & female horse

    What are you pets' breeds and names?

    I know nothing of horse/pony breeds but the horse is shiny black with a white mark between the eyes and is called Astrid and the pony is golden brown with very light mane (?) and is called Hermes

    4 years after getting your pets, you have your next child. Roll the dice for name & gender.

    2 - Boy: Lucien Cruz

    Your final pregnancy, again multiples, comes 1 years after your third; you and Bastien decide that this lot will be your last. What do you get, and what are their names?

    4 - Girl: Ava Bryn
    Girl: Serena Dawn
    Girl: Lilo Avery
    Boy: Zane Emanuel

    The Family

    Sebastien Thierry Guilome D'Argent *Bastien*
    Christiana Valeria Morgan-D'Argent *Christen*

    Beatrice Nasya D'Argent *Bea*
    Ivy Natalie Rue D'Argent *Ivy*
    Stella Imogen D'Argent *Stella*
    Oscar Regulus D'Argent *Oscar*
    Lucien Cruz D'Argent *Luc*
    Ava Bryn D'Argent *Ava*
    Serena Dawn D'Argent *Serena*
    Lilo Avery D'Argent *Lily*
    Zane Emanuel D'Argent *Zane*

    Bastien and Christen have Bea, Ivy, Stella, Oscar, Luc, Ava, Serena, Lily and Zane

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