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    Too "old" even for Namberry?

    Do you ever find yourself drawn to a name, only to realize most people would consider you crazy for considering it for a child? Even people who have such refined tastes as Nameberry posters?

    Recently, it's been Jean, Ruth, Irene, Clyde, and Homer. I could probably think of more, but those are off the top of my head. Does anyone else see the appeal, or am I just crazy?

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    While I wouldn't actually use them, I like Ruth and Irene. And I think Jean makes a nice middle name, although I prefer the Jeanne spelling.

    I love Ophelia, which my boyfriend says is an old lady name, or that of a viking opera singer haha. I also love Bonnie and Leona.

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    I think my taste are too crazy for most nameberry posters, actually for most name boards in general. Oh well.

    Couldn't use Jean as it's my MIL's name and while I get on with her, no.
    Ruth is nice and Irene means peace, so is lovely.
    I know a great 70 year old Clyde and it's a river in Scotland, so I could imagine it being used, but not by me.
    Homer is just ruined by the Simpsons, so no.

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    There was a poster with a son Homer some while ago, who got really positive comments on the name. The Classical history redeems it, I think. Meeting a little Homer, I would forget 'The Simpsons' parallels very quickly, to be honest.

    Jean is lovely, also a fan of the Jean. I know a little Jeanie, and her name is gorgeous on her.
    Irene also I love in the same way as Agnes, I wouldn't use either for fear of people's reactions but I love both dearly and would be happy to see them on a child.

    Ruth and Clyde for me though are both no nos. Clyde because of Bonnie and Clyde, that is all I think of! Plus I find the look of it very strange on paper.
    Ruth just reminds me of 'struth!', an expression my mother used constantly. Also the word roof. Combined, it just doesn't have a very feminine sound in my book.
    But neither of those reasons are because they're dated- so I guess Nameberry might be ready for these names again!
    mum to the lovely Harriet Katia (10) Beatrix Liv (6) and Cordelia Joyce (4) and Lionel Rafferty (1 whole year already)

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    I know what you mean in that I don't feel that most names I love to pieces are 'trendy nameberry names. And then there is real life trendy which is very different too!

    I really like Jean-it's vintage and lovely. I like Clyde and Homer too. SO has vetoed Homer because of the Simpsons even for a middle spot, and he rarely vetoes anything. It's a shame the Simpsons' carries such weight over Classical History/Literature, for most people. I think Ruth is ready for a comeback too.

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