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    a girl? Kelsey Corinne
    a boy? Lyle Nathan
    twin girls? Georgia Rae & Simone Emerald
    twin boys? Taylor Jeffery & Domonick Henry
    five girls? Meredith Alyssa, Gwendolyn Spencer, Hanna Indigo, Holly Miranda, and Melinda Cadence
    five boys? Nicholas Edwin, Jacob Harold, William Sirius, Phinneas Theodore, and Kyle Christopher

    a dog? Gypsey
    a cat? Winter
    a fish? Moby Jr.
    a hamster? Tofu
    a tultre? Scuttles
    a teddy bear? Apples
    a walrus? Whiskers
    a horse? Porsche (get it?)

    a boat? Cymphonique
    an airline company? Aero Craft
    a boutique? Lemon Drops
    a zoo? Franklin City Zoo
    a department store? Clockworks

    a book? Stuck in a shadow
    a play? Little shop of shoes
    a song? Exit Sign
    a painting? Bluebell Meadow
    a sculpture? Dandelions by Default

    a country? Pidgeon Run
    a city? Turtle face
    a street? Toothpaste Ave.

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