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    If I could have more than two kids and retain my sanity I would use that opportunity to give them all awesome names that aren't repeats of the others. Sometimes I think maybe Naming 101 should be part of basic maternity care. They couldnt go the extra mile to name the third baby Jeffrey? Jude? Jordan? Even Jackson so at least he'd be a step removed from nickname.
    That and in five years she will have to pack three lunchbags with the same first initial... Not that kids even use the brown bags anymore
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    Even if they want to be cheesy and do same-initial names, I know about 10 better names they could have used. Judah, Jonathan and Jeremiah? Josiah, Jedediah and James? Little rule of thumb here, same initials = usually a bad idea. Same syllables = Sometimes a bad idea. Same initials + same syllables = ALWAYS a bad idea, I don't care if they're twins, that's not a free pass to give your children horrifyingly similar names. Hell, John and Jack are THE SAME NAME!

    On a lighter note, I think it's almost funny that it annoys us that much, because I think I can say most of us Berries would die to have the chance to name a set of multiples.

    I still can't believe they would do that to their poor children. I do have one tale of hope, though. The two parents I saw on Baby Story yesterday named their daughter Luciana Sofia Gonzalez. You can't tell me that's not gorgeous!

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    Are there new episodes showing? I don't remember that set. Most of the time the sets are cute enough, but usually very predictable. I would love to name a set of multiples!
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    Just had to mention that today another set of triplets was featured...

    Jayden Tanner (m), Jerzee Rose (f) & Journey Faith (f)

    Older siblings were Jordan, Julia & Justin. Jerzee? Really?

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    I have been close to several people named John, and NONE of them were ever called Jack. Not once, to my knowledge. Same with the Jacks I've known/know-not ever called John. My father's name is John and his older half-brother was named James. My grandmother named my father John on purpose since James & John are a set of brothers in the Bible. I'm not saying that all three names would work well for triplets--I like all of the names on their own, but cannot imagine giving these names to triplets!
    Also, like the pp mentioned, one triplet set featured Jerzee as a name. Jersey doesn't bother me at all, but the spelling of Jerzee makes me cringe. Honestly, I'd much rather John, James & Jack than Jayden, Jerzee, & Journey!

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