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    Oct 2012
    South Carolina
    Birthday: January 26, 1993
    Full Name: Amber Nicole
    Parents: Lori Lynn
    Siblings: 1 brother, Jason Michael (16yo)
    Location: SC

    Elementary: Way too many.
    High School: St. James
    College: HGTC (One semester only)

    Significant Other
    Full Name: Christopher B Marden
    Profession: Restaurant co-owner
    Siblings: 2. Joseph Jr & Pam.
    Age: 24
    Where/How You Met: I was training him to work at my arcade. We fell in love. <3 True story.

    2 boys & a girl.
    Colton Joseph “CJ” – Age 7.
    Jasper Spencer – Age 4.
    Khaleesi Jane – Age 2.

    Location: England
    From What Job: Police Officer (me) & WWE Play-Writer (Chris).
    At What Age: 60.

    House we raised our kids in: sside1sm.JPG
    🎀❤️ Mama to Korra Jane 06/21/2017 ❤️🎀

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    Sep 2012
    Birthday: December 26, 1987
    Full Name: Johanna Louise Winifred Bellamy
    Parents: Saoirse Leonore Bellamy and Thatcher Jensen Bellamy
    Siblings (roll dice #1): Charles Liam Oscar Bellamy (3 years older) and Winter Lucille Jessamine Bellamy (2 years younger)
    Location: Wilmington, NC
    House You Grew Up In:

    Elementary: Sweetbriar Elementary
    High School: John Davis High School
    College: University of North Carolina

    Significant Other
    Full Name: Roland Dominic Brail
    Profession: Archivist
    Siblings (roll dice#1): Jacob Rupert Brail (22), Eliza Coralie Brail (17), and Victor Marshall Brail (15)
    Age: 23 (at marriage)
    Where/How You Met: College, American English class

    How Many? (roll dice #2) 2
    Genders (roll dice, odds-girl, evens-boy): Girls
    Names (you decide): Matilda Frances Eleanor Brail and Henrietta Reid Evelyn Brail
    Ages (you decide): Twins, 2 years old

    Location: Wilmington, NC
    From What Job: Aviary Trainer
    At What Age: 65

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    May 2012
    Birthday: February 1st, 1986
    Full Name: Leonor Ella Dawson
    Parents: Samuel Edward Dawson and Joanna Carys Lee Dawson
    Siblings: Vincent Edward Dawson, Florian Evander Dawson and Colette Evangeline Dawson
    Location: Franklin, TN
    House You Grew Up In: http://vanishingsouthgeorgia.files.w...2011.jpg?w=500

    Elementary: Franklin Elementary
    High School: Franklin Road Academy
    College: Harvard University

    Significant Other
    Full Name: William Jacob Rye
    Profession: Sugeon
    Siblings: Stella Olivia Rye and Caleb Jonathan Rye
    Age: 29
    Where/How You Met: At work

    How Many? 4
    Genders : Boy, Girl, Boy, Girl
    Names: Judah Dawson Rye, Hope Reverie Rye, Felix Horizon Rye and Dixie Martine Rye
    Ages: Jude: 15, Hope 12, Felix and Dixie: 2

    Location: Old Hickory Village, TN
    From What Job: Pediatrician
    At What Age: 65

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    Jan 2012
    Birthday: November 1, 1982
    Full Name: Natalie Theresa Baker
    Parents: Edwin Charles Baker and Deborah Selene Baker
    Siblings: Charles Evan Baker (b. 1979), Penelope Iris Baker (b. 1981), Georgia Kate Baker (b. 1984), Declan James Baker (b. 1986), Oliver Flynn Baker (b. 1987), and Reginald William Baker (b. 1989)
    Location: Beckley, West Virginia
    House You Grew Up In: 5-bedroom Tudor-style home

    Elementary: Babel Elementary School
    High School: St. Francis High School and Collegiate
    College: Davis and Elkins College

    Significant Other
    Full Name: Thomas Eli Wilkinson
    Profession: Political Campaign Manager
    Siblings: Jacob Steven Wilkinson, Ella Cedar Wilkinson, Levi Henry Wilkinson, Summer Lila Wilkinson, and Bridget Ember Wilkinson
    Age: 36
    Where/How You Met: Met at a political convention where Tom's candidate was speaking

    How Many? 4
    Genders: Boy, girl, boy, girl
    Names: Caleb Marcus Wilkinson, Matilda Rue Wilkinson, Isaac Rory Wilkinson, and Viola June Wilkinson
    Ages: Caleb (5), Matilda (3), Isaac (2), and Viola (nb)

    Location: Oregon
    From What Job: Legal secretary
    At What Age: 57

    Tom and Natalie Wilkinson and their children; Caleb, Matilda, Isaac, and Viola.

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    Apr 2010
    Rhode Island
    Birthday: September 14.
    Full Name: Magdalene LeMercier.

    Parents: Alden LeMercier & Renee LeMercier.
    Siblings: Madeline LeMercier.
    Location: London, England.
    House You Grew Up In:

    Elementary: Joan of Arc K-12 Academy.
    High School: Joan of Arc K-12 Academy.
    College: Harvard University.

    Significant Other
    Full Name: Franck BeauPre.

    Profession: Pharmacist.
    Siblings: Britta BeauPre, Jonah BeauPre, & Liam BeauPre.
    Age: 36.
    Where/How You Met: Harvard Library.

    How Many? 2.
    Genders (roll dice, odds-girl, evens-boy): Girl, Girl.
    Names (you decide): Beatrice BeauPre & Lina BeauPre.

    Ages (you decide): 10, 4.

    Location: Orlando, Florida.
    From What Job: Computer Systems Analyst.
    At What Age: 65.
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