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    May 2010
    Ontario, Canada
    Birthday: August 5th 1995
    Full Name: Nicole Alice Sabourin
    Parents: Lucille Suzanne & Norm Ernst
    Siblings (roll dice #1): Justin Tony & April Shirley
    Location: Simcoe, Ont

    Elementary: St. Joseph's Elementary school
    High School: Holy Trinity Catholic High school
    College: Fanshawe College

    Significant Other
    Full Name: Jarred Christopher
    Profession: Construction worker
    Siblings (roll dice#1): Tara Vanessa
    Age: 24
    Where/How You Met: Mutural friends

    How Many? 4 children
    Genders (roll dice, odds-girl, evens-boy): 2 girls, 2 boys
    Names (you decide): Parker Nevaeh, Aarden Lucille, Rowan Alexander & Kohan Justin
    Ages (you decide): Kohan; 4 . Rowan; 3 . Aarden; 17m . Parker; NB

    Location: Simcoe, Ont
    From What Job: Photographer
    At What Age: 55

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    Nov 2010
    British Columbia
    Birthday: September 15, 1990
    Full Name: Mary Margaret Hazel Valeur
    Parents: David and Lisa Valeur
    Siblings (roll dice #1): Jane Amelia Violet and Eve Alexandra Eleanor
    Location: Langley
    House You Grew Up In:

    Elementary: Parkside Elementary
    High School: Sunnyside Secondary school
    College: Ryerson

    Significant Other
    Full Name: Ezra Romeo Sinclair
    Profession: Accountant
    Siblings (roll dice#1): Benjamin Garrett, Micah Willene, Stephania Joelle, Sarai Natalya, Benedict Lloyd, and Gabriele Hue
    Age: 24
    Where/How You Met: My best friend, Tattiana, started going out with Micah after meeting him at a party and introduced me and Ezra

    How Many? (roll dice #2): 7
    Genders (roll dice, odds-girl, evens-boy): BBGBGGG
    Names (you decide): Alexander Solomon, Dexter William, Beatrix Allegra, Theodore Sylvester, Genevieve Juliet, Annabel Calliope and Felicity Clementine
    Ages (you decide): Xander is 15, Dex is 12, Trixie is 10, Teddy is 7, Ginny is 5, Anna and Flicka are 2

    Location: London
    From What Job: Editor
    At What Age: 70
    ~Adelaide ~ Octavia~ Eulalie~ Clementine~ Magnolia~ Coralie~ Josephine~
    ~Frederick~ Alistair~ Malachi~ Edward~Julian~ Nathaniel ~ Theodore~

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    Jul 2011
    Birthday: December 18th, 1990
    Full Name: Lauren Hannah Brown
    Parents: Anne May McKinley and John Frank Brown
    Siblings (2): Megan Rose and Ella Elizabeth
    Location: Eldridge, Iowa
    House You Grew Up In:

    Elementary: Edward White
    High School: North Scott
    College: Northwestern

    Full Name: Thomas Samuel Jacobson
    Profession: English teacher
    Siblings (1): Eleanor Patricia
    Age: 23
    Where/How You Met: club

    How Many? 4
    Genders (roll dice, odds-girl, evens-boy): one boy, 3 girls
    Names (you decide): Emmett Schuyler, Amelia Maeve, Tessa Olivia, and Charlotte Gabriella
    Ages (you decide): Emmett (11), Amelia (11), Tessa (8), and Charlotte (6)

    Location: Davenport, Iowa
    From What Job: Elementry School Teacher
    At What Age: 65

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    Apr 2011
    Birthday: May 25th
    Full Name: Reagan Louise Zaleski
    Parents: Abigayle Louise (Abby) and Alexander James (Lex)
    Siblings (roll dice #1): One brother - Jameson Everett (Jamie)
    Location: Vermont
    House You Grew Up In: Large cabin in rural area

    Elementary: Washington West
    High School: Pine Forest
    College: St. Bonaventure

    Significant Other
    Full Name: Andrew Levi Callahan
    Profession: Bank Manager
    Siblings (roll dice#1): Two Sisters: Mollie Olivia and Leila Noelle
    Age: 28
    Where/How You Met: At a friend's birthday party

    Eleven Children:

    Aurelia Noelle
    Ever Louise
    Micah Abigayle
    Felix Levi
    Wren Olivia
    Macsen Alexander
    Wyatt Andrew
    Miles Everett
    Abram James
    Ephraim Jonas
    Rowan Adeline

    Location: New Zealand
    From What Job: American Lit Teacher
    At What Age: 63

    Reagan and Andrew Callahan, and their children:
    Aurelia, Ever, Micah, Felix, Wren, Macsen, Wyatt, Miles, Abram, Ephraim, and Rowan

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    Jul 2011


    Birthday: May 28th
    Full Name: Lindsay Christina Greer
    Parents: William Edward Greer & Angela Caroline Sinclair Greer
    Siblings (roll dice #1): 5: William Edward Jr. Courtney Paige, Danielle California, Andrew "Drew" Thomas, & Channing August
    Location: Dallas Texas
    House You Grew Up In:
    Elementary: St Joseph Catholic School
    High School: St Joseph Catholic School
    College: Texas A & M

    Significant Other
    Full Name: Jensen Edward Livingston
    Profession: Pediatric Surgeon
    Siblings (roll dice#1): 5: McKenzie Faith, Paisley Jade, Jameson Beckett, Shailene Willow, Jefferson Micah
    Age: 23
    Where/How You Met: At freshman orientation

    How Many? (roll dice #2) 12:
    Genders (roll dice, odds-girl, evens-boy): B,B,B,B,G,G,G,B,G,G,B,G
    Names (you decide):
    Dean Michael (age 16)
    Liam Ross (age 15)
    Dominic "Nico" Matthew (age 15)
    Emmett Philip (age 14)
    Charlotte Virginia (age 12)
    Philippa "Pippa" Jane (age 12)
    Catherine Sienna (age 12)
    Henry Joel (age 10)
    Anniston Claire (age 8)
    Autumn Skye (age 5)
    Charlie Brown (age 4)
    Naomi Cheyenne (age 2)

    Location: Dallas, Texas
    From What Job: Neonatologist
    At What Age: 65

    ♥ Clara Dean Lucy Dominic ♡

    Feel free to ask me anything about saints names

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