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    Your Whole Life (Fill-In-Blanks) BNG

    Dice #1:
    Dice #2:

    Full Name:
    Siblings (roll dice #1):
    House You Grew Up In:

    High School:

    Significant Other
    Full Name:
    Siblings (roll dice#1):
    Where/How You Met:

    How Many? (roll dice #2)
    Genders (roll dice, odds-girl, evens-boy):
    Names (you decide):
    Ages (you decide):

    From What Job:
    At What Age:

    feel free to add pictures, details etc.

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    Birthday: July 14, 1997
    Full Name: Lillian Claire Carson
    Parents: Kathleen Patricia and Robert Evan
    Siblings (roll dice #1): Jennifer Grace, Kathleen Elise, Janet Maria and Francine Cate "Jenny, Katie, Jane and Fran"
    Location: Albany, NY

    Elementary: Westmere Elementary School
    High School: Neil Hellman School
    College: Oxford University

    Significant Other
    Full Name: Noah Zachery
    Profession: Surgeon
    Siblings (roll dice#1): Roseanne Elise, Rebecca Jane, Darlene Marie and Jacklyn Harriet "Rose, Becky, Darlene and Jackie"
    Age: 26 (I'm 26)
    Where/How You Met: Through a friend.

    How Many? (roll dice #2): 8
    Genders (roll dice, odds-girl, evens-boy): 4 girls, 4 boys
    Names (you decide): Joanne Marie, Isabel Claire, Leslie Anne and Alexandra Jane, Nicolas Jack, Ron Alexander, Oliver Kent and Robert Evan "Jo, Isabel, Leslie, Alex, Nic, Ron, Oliver and Robert"
    Ages (you decide): Jo: 13. Isabel: 11. Leslie: 5. Alex: 2. Nic: 15. Ron: 12. Oliver: 9. Robert: 7

    Location: Surrey, England
    From What Job: Investigative Reporter
    At What Age: 65

    House You Grew Up In:

    House You and Your SO Lived In:

    House You Raised Your Kids In:
    -Bedroom 1: Mom and Dad (
    -Bedroom 2: Jo and Isabel (
    -Bedroom 3: Leslie and Alex (
    -Bedroom 4: Nic and Ron (
    -Bedroom 5: Oliver and Robert (http://bestdreamhouse.files.wordpres...eas2.jpg?w=585)

    Retirement House:

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    Mar 2011
    Birthday: January 19th, 1993
    Full Name: Jillian Elizabeth Benson
    Parents: James Robert & Katherine Anne Benson
    Siblings (roll dice #1): 4; Ryan James Benson, Shannon Harper Benson, Lila Madeline Benson, & Stephan Daniel Benson
    Location: Buffalo, New York
    House You Grew Up In:

    Elementary: Jane Martin Elementary School
    High School: Thomas Jefferson High School
    College: University of Massachusetts Amherst

    Significant Other
    Full Name: Jeremy Malcolm Danvers
    Profession: Artist
    Siblings (roll dice#1): 6; Peter Joseph Danvers, Morgan Oliver Danvers, Sarah Marie Danvers, Dennis Walter Danvers, Edward Adam Danvers, & Samantha Leigh Danvers
    Age: 22
    Where/How You Met: At college; my best friend, Danielle, was dating his brother, Peter

    How Many? (roll dice #2) 11
    Genders (roll dice, odds-girl, evens-boy): boy, girl, girl, girl, boy, boy, girl, boy, girl, boy, girl
    Names (you decide): Wyatt Aidan, Amelia Hope, Juliet Lily, Sophia Violet, Gabriel Noah, Quentin Philip, Charlotte Clementine, Hunter Finn, Maya Rose, Levi Truman, & Gemma Eve
    Ages (you decide):
    Wyatt: 15
    Amelia: 15
    Juliet: 13
    Sophia: 12
    Gabriel: 10
    Quentin: 9
    Charlotte: 7
    Hunter: 6
    Maya: 4
    Levi: 2
    Gemma: 18 months
    The house we raised our kids in:

    Location: Albany, New York
    From What Job: Writer
    At What Age: 70

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    Apr 2011
    Birthday: August 21, 1985
    Full Name: Vivan Marie Johnston
    Parents: Aline Marie & Matthew David Johnston
    Siblings (roll dice #1): Georgina Eve Johnston, David Frederik Johnston, Henry Matthew Johnston, Ruth Alexandra Johnston & Lilian Alice Johnston
    Location: Santa Monica, CA
    House You Grew Up In: -

    Elementary: St. Mary Elementary School
    High School: St. John School
    College: Cambridge University

    Significant Other
    Full Name: Leopold James Arthur Truman
    Profession: Surgeon
    Siblings (roll dice#1): Anastasia Mary Catherine Truman, Henrietta Frances Jane Truman & Rupert Alexander John Truman
    Age: 34
    Where/How You Met: through mutual friends

    How Many? 8
    Genders (roll dice, odds-girl, evens-boy): girl, girl, boy, girl, girl, boy, girl, girl
    Alexandra Frances Marie Truman (16)
    Victoria Madeleine Sophie Truman (14)
    Leopold James Arthur Truman jr. (10)
    Georgina Anabel Vivian Truman (7)
    Josephine Augusta Jane Truman (6)
    Frederick Nicolas Martin Truman (3)
    Veronica Antoinette Mary Truman & Catherine Vera Henriette Truman (3 mo.)

    Location: Edinburgh, Scotland
    From What Job: CEO
    At What Age: 59

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    Nov 2010
    British Columbia
    Birthday: September 15th
    Full Name: Mary Margaret Hazel Valeur
    Parents: David and Lisa Valeur
    Siblings (roll dice #1): 4 (Jane, Scott, Eve and John)
    Location: Spring Valley, New York
    House You Grew Up In:

    Elementary: Hempstead Elementary
    High School: Spring Valley High School
    College: New York University

    Significant Other
    Full Name: Jesse Antony Conrad
    Profession: pilot
    Siblings (roll dice#1): Emma
    Age: 4 years older than however old I am in this game
    Where/How You Met: Me wet at work, then lost contact and re-met two years later at university

    How Many? (roll dice #2): 12
    Genders (roll dice, odds-girl, evens-boy): BGGGGGGBGGGG
    Names (you decide): Theodore David Malcolm, Beatrix Hermione Luna, Genevieve Inara, Eden Amelia Rose, Clementine Kaywinnit, Felicity Madeleine, Annabel Tattina, Alexander Jamie Darren, Penelope River, Allegra Lezah, Juliet Eleanor and Mirabelle Violet
    Ages (you decide): Teddy and Trixie are 15, Ginny is 11, Edie, Cleo, Flicka and Anna are 8, Xander is 5, Pippa is 2, and Ally, Jett and Mira are 1

    Location: Cardiff
    From What Job: Editor
    At What Age: 70

    Theodore David Malcolm -
    Beatrix Hermione Luna -
    Genevieve Inara -
    Eden Amelia Rose -
    Clementine Kaywinnit -
    Felicity Madeleine -
    Annabel Tattina -
    Alexander Jamie Darren -
    Penelope River -
    Allegra Lezah -
    Juliet Eleanor -
    Mirabelle Violet -
    ~Adelaide ~ Octavia~ Eulalie~ Clementine~ Magnolia~ Coralie~ Josephine~
    ~Frederick~ Alistair~ Malachi~ Edward~Julian~ Nathaniel ~ Theodore~

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