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    Should I also be offended as a WASP that a name I recently looked up was reviewed as "too-WASPY"? Because I wasn't. Actually I had good hearty laugh about it, because it was true. One of the best things about this great site of Pam and Linda's is that it describes the real picture of what a name is like, not just meaning and origin. I'm thankful that they are honest on their site. Imagine if someone just liked the name Cohen, named their kid that, and then offended a number of people in doing so. I think it's kind of them to let people know that's a possibility beforehand.
    Too true, anniebee, I am considered a WASP as well, that's funny, I wonder what name it was?. I love NB because of it's humor, ability to not take itself too seriously, the standard of respect and kindness that Pam and Linda have set for the forum community and also the education I have gotten from just learning about names in sociological, anthropological, philosophical, religious and even "pop" cultural contexts. I am a better person for it. If it weren't for NB I wouldn't even know that a Cohen is similar to a "high priest" as one Jewish member explained awhile ago when she was unfairly attacked in a thread for mentioning the sensitivity of the issue. I don't think there is anything wrong with constructive debate, but throwing out reactionary terms is not the mature way to go about it, especially when ignorance is involved.

    P.S. On a lighter note, I didn't know there was a "Beyond Sarah and Sam" book! I will have to add it to my collection. : )
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    I had to go dig and remember what it was. It was the name Walker aka the W in George W Bush, so WASP is spot on. I still like the name, though!
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    I think the troubling part of the article was the headline coupled with content that cites only the link to Judaism--not the special meaning that so many of the bloggers/readers/commenters pointed out. It seems like an editing issue.

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    Good point, jgirl525. I'm going to fix that.
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