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    What is with the anti-semitic tone?

    I have looked to your website as a resource for trying to find a name for my baby. I just read your article "These Names Mean Trouble (Literally!)" I find it disgusting that you have included Cohen and Jacoby on the list simply because they are Jewish names. There is nothing troublesome about being Jewish or giving a child a Jewish name whether or not you are Jewish yourself. This is just some revealing insight about the writers, editors and others behind your website. It is offensive. Please remove it.

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    I think you are misinterpreting what was meant. "Cohen" is a name that signifies a specific religious duty and responsibilities in Judaism and as such, should not be treated as an "ordinary" name to be mined simply because someone non-Jewish thinks it sounds good. No Jew would use "Cohen" as a first name. There have been several threads discussing this on this website and the general understanding is that most Jews (myself included) find the idea of "Cohen" being treated as just a name offensive.

    Jacoby is a common surname amongst Russian and German Jews, but is also a common first name amongst African Americans in the South, so it doesn't carry the same religious significance. Nevertheless, the particular blog was talking about names that might cause problems or upset someone.

    So -- take a deep breath. The site isn't anti-Semitic, or I wouldn't be a senior member on it.

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    I agree. I am Jewish and I wouldn't be on this site if it was at ALL anti-Semitic. I have observed and contributed to several threads where the op is searching for a distinctively Jewish name and everyone is very helpful. In fact I am guessing that Linda (Rosenkrantz) is Jewish, too.

    I think nb is a very classy and tolerant website, I would be shocked to see discrimination of any kind from it.

    eve & rose ♡ ezra & nathan

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    Please do NOT jump to conclusions and make baseless accusations.

    From the article in question:

    Cohen and Jacoby – Two widely-used Jewish surnames becoming popular, oddly enough, as first names for non-Jewish babies. The really astonishing thing is that many parents attracted to Cohen or Jacoby have no idea that they are Jewish surnames; they just see Cohen as a fresh spin on Owen or Cody and Jacoby as a newer form of Jacob. In fact, Cohen is not only one of the three most common Jewish surnames in the U.S., it’s the one most closely identified with Judaism. And Jacoby, like Jacobi and Jacobs meaning “son of Jacob,” is typically Jewish too.

    The above requires no defense whatsoever. (And, yes, Linda Rosenkrantz is Jewish.)

    -- Nephele
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    Cohen actually is quite a controversial name, and can be offensive to some Jewish people, as Deacon can be to some Catholics. The article wasn't criticizing Judaism; it was simply trying to warn parents that a name they may be considering could be construed as offensive by some people.

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