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    It's from Hamlet. Possibly nickname Elsie? I passed an Elsinore Street today and just thought the sound was beautiful. I'd be a bit worried about the "snore" thing. But I think it's a lovely alternative to Eleanor and family. WDYT?
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    I think it's awesome. Everyone will probably mistake her for an Eleanor, but I love the Shakespeare reference... even though Hamlet's a very tragic story. I've visited Helsingborg (anglicized to Elsinore), and it's really beautiful. I don't think the 'snore' thing will be a problem, and Elsie's a really cute nickname.

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    I've often thought it would be a lovely name for a girl. And even though Hamlet is a tragedy, people are starting to see Ophelia as usable, so I don't see why Elsinore would be any different! I wouldn't worry about 'snore' too much either, since there's an 'i' between the s&n.

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