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  • Ainsley & Brooklyn

    1 3.70%
  • Charlotte

    19 70.37%
  • Scarlett

    6 22.22%
  • Brinley

    0 0%
  • Lillian

    11 40.74%
  • Lucinda

    7 25.93%
  • Fiona

    20 74.07%
  • Brinley

    0 0%
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    Names for Twin coming twins

    Am at a standstill trying to pick names for twins due early next year. They are girls and we don't want the names to be overly similar. One pair we like is Scarlett and Juliet.....they are different syllab. lengths but are they different enough?
    Other names we like:
    Ainsley & Brooklyn

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    I really think Scarlett and Fiona or Charlotte and Fiona sound great together. Not too similar but not too different

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    Charlotte and Lucinda
    Charlotte and Fiona
    Charlotte and Lillian

    Juliet and Lucinda - Jules and Lulu
    Juliet and Lillian
    Juliet and Fiona

    Personally, I wouldn't choose Scarlett and Juliet for twins for these reasons: they both end in "et" and I find them very different in style. Juliet is romantic and feminine while Scarlett is more modern and contemporary. Although they're not my style, Ainsley and Brooklyn would be a good twinset. Good luck, Mischa.

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    These aren't on your list but I recently fell in love with the twinset Coral Verity and Felicity Pearl (Cora and Lissy/Flicka). But from your list I love Charlotte and Lillian and *Juliet* and Lucinda/Lucy/*Lucia*

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    I agree with Mischa, I wouldn't pair Scarlett and Juliet as they have the same ending and don't "match" in style to me, however I think Scarlett and Julia would work. Having said that I love both names individually. From your list I would pair the following with Scarlett:

    Scarlett and Fiona
    Scarlett and Lucy (Lucinda seems too much name to be Scarlett's twin)
    Scarlett and Lily/Lilia (see above)
    Scarlett and Brooke (I'm not a fan of Brooklyn, it seems trendy to me)

    And the following with Juliet:

    Juliet and Lillian (probably my fav set! Love )
    Juliet and Lucinda
    Juliet and Fiona

    I also like:

    Charlotte and Lillian
    Charlotte and Fiona
    Charlotte and Lucinda

    Best of luck! And congrats on the twins
    28 year old name nerd, dreaming of a future:

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    Otto, Quentin, Xavier, Ace, Lennox, Byron, Rafferty & Harlan.

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