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    I'm a twin myself (fraternal) and my name is Cassandra, while my brother's name is Nicholas.

    Some other twins I've known/heard of...

    Isabella and Sara
    Alana and Danielle
    Victoria and Holly
    Leighton and Madison

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    I've heard of Azalea and Violet as twins. Isn't it adorable?
    Lidia & Martin
    Adalynn & Marisol
    Jack & Gwyn
    Lana & Beth
    Boris & Martyn
    Angie & Dylan
    Ida Winifred ☼ Anwen Freya ☼ Una Severine

    Cedric Leif ☼ Dorian Everett ☼ Holden Ezra

    Current crushes: Glenice/Arlo

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    Lily and Tom ( me and my brother!)
    Rachel and Laura
    Sam and Patrick
    Rachel and Robert
    Hattie and Bella (identical)
    Anna and Zoe (identical)
    Jenny and Jonothan
    Murray and Dewar ( my scottish great uncles)
    Matilda and Johnny
    Rebecca and Sarah (identical)
    Charlotte and Rebecca
    Edward and Daniel
    Georgina and Joanne

    Wow twins are common in my area!
    I actually dont know any twins with "matchy matchy " names where I live in the UK, having said that most of the twins I can think of are fraternal so I dont know if they're more common for identical twins.

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    Emma & Amme (g/g)

    Starr & Steven (g/b)

    Ferris & Parker (b/b)

    Hudson & Jason (b/b)

    Dylynn & Dana (g/g)
    Mommy to Eva Lily Catherine, b. 1/31/2014

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    Pax and Inca [aged 2]
    Silas and Finn [aged 7], and Casper and Frankie [aged 2] (two sets in one family; sister Nellie)
    Joel and Harley [aged 21] (sister Kimberly)
    Justine and Rebecca [aged 16]
    Rainer and Ruben [aged 23] (brother Jai)
    Cameron and Liam [aged 22] (sister Virginia)
    Dante and Eligh [aged 10] (brother Zeke)
    Rocket and Spike [aged 8]
    Amy and Nicky [aged 18]
    Aurora "Ari" and Orrick "Orry" [aged 1] (sister Ruby)
    Tamsin and Olivia [aged 21] (brother Xavier)
    Elizabeth "Beth" and Katherine "Kate" [aged 23]
    Robert and Edwin [aged 24] (brothers Will and Lewis)
    Clara and Natalia [aged 14] (sister Camille)
    Ruby and Thomas "Tom" [aged 4] (brothers Harry and Jack)
    Alannah and Murray [aged 5] (brother Dylan)
    Fred and Frank [aged 5]
    Richard and Edward [aged 4] (sisters Virginia "Ginny" and Georgina "Georgie")

    My favourite twin names I've ever heard are Bec's girls (from Girl's Gone Child)... Reverie Lux "Revi" and Boheme Shalom "Bo". Stunning!
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